Natural Yeast Infection Treatment
for Dogs
Understanding the 4 Step Process

A natural yeast infection treatment for dogs is a process. It's a process because it's a condition of imbalance, that's not easy to re balance. Certain steps must be taken to restore the balance. This microorganism imbalance problem did not happen overnight or ' out of the blue ' suddenly. It was a slow, gradual process that happened cumulatively over time, and now your dog has a big problem.

So reversing the candida overgrowth imbalance to correct the problem and bring it back into balance, will be a slow and gradual process also. Does that make sense to you? To restore balance and get your dog back to health, you must clearly understand this.

There is ' no quick fix ' for a chronic yeast infection. If you can get your head around this, accept it, and work through the process, you will be successful at helping your dog.

Natural Yeast Infection Treatment for DogsYeast Free Dogs

Stop the Feast for the Yeast!

Try to think of the yeast fungus as a hungry, sugar consuming machine. You will need to make dog food changes in order to fight this. You will have to restrict your dog's access to, or better yet eliminate the foods that are allowing the yeast fungus colonies to continue to multiply and grow.

I'm talking specifically about carbohydrate type foods that may offer good dog nutrition and have a good nutrient profile BUT also have a high glycemic index, or in other words a high sugar component. These are the foods that are feeding the yeast fungus. These foods create an internal environment which allows the yeast to eat, and therefore thrive.

Here are the carbohydrate foods are I'm talking about. Check your bag of dog food ingredients.

  • fruits and vegetables
  • grains, rice
  • legumes such as chick peas
  • peas
  • potatoes
  • sweet potatoes
  • unnecessary ingredients such as tapioca

These foods are converted by the body to glucose ( sugars ) and therefore, create a feast for the fungus!

In order for the yeast infection treatment process to be successful, you must make these necessary food adjustments. If you're a kibble feeder you will have a hard time because all kibble has a carbohydrate base of either grains, starches or legumes.

You'll also have to stop any other contributing factors such as grain based treats, fruit and vegetable treats, raw hide chews which contain many chemicals, peanut butter, ice cream and pizza crust. LOL!. Give your dog healthy raw or dehydrated meat treats instead.

It is wise to start the cleanse process with a 24 hour fasting day. Yes, that means don't feed your dog, but it also means you're starving the nasty yeast! In fact, a random 24 hour fast day every week or so, provides amazing healing benefits when a dog is working to cleanse and recover from a yeast infection.

4 Steps to Curing a Yeast Infection
Without Drugs

Let's get started. There are four important steps included in the yeast infection treatment process.

  1. Reduce the yeast fungus by eliminating unnecessary carbohydrates in your dog's food. Feed a grain free, starch free kibble such as Wysong Epigen. Seriously consider feeding a species appropriate, carbohydrate free raw dog food preferably a ketogenic diet.
  2. Eliminate the candida yeast fungus once and for all with anti fungal herbs and support supplements that have a long history of use for this purpose.
  3. Support the liver to detox waste products from dying yeast cells. This will help to prevent candida die off symptoms during this candida yeast cleanse process.
  4. Reseed the friendly bacteria in the gut that has been destroyed by antibiotics, drugs such as anti inflammatories and steroids, poor quality food and other contributing factors such as vaccines and flea/tick/heartworm control pesticides. This will help to restore proper flora balance in the gut and boost immunity.

You will also need time. Lot's of time. Don't expect this yeast condition to improve quickly. It won't! In fact you may even think it's getting worse. Yeast infection symptoms will most certainly get worse before they get better. If you know this beforehand, you'll be ready for it.

4 Yeast Infection Treatment Supplement Aids

Avoiding the yeast friendly foods as much as you can will help, but diet changes alone are not enough. Along with necessary diet changes, a successful dog yeast infection treatment plan, must include support supplements, that will help to...

  1. reduce the candida albicans yeast overgrowth
  2. support the liver to detox the waste products of the dying yeast fungus microorganisms. This is called ' die off '
  3. ramp up and repopulate beneficial bacteria in the gut
  4. restore balance within the intestinal realm.

Here's what you will need as it regards herbs and supplements for dogs fighting a yeast infection.

  1. Anti fungal herbs to reduce the yeast fungus
  2. Nutritious herbs to specifically support the liver to detox
  3. Probiotics to ramp up and reseed beneficial bacteria in the gut microbiome.
  4. Enzymes to break down foreign protein waste floating around in the blood as a result of yeast cell die off


If your dog is on Prednisone, Apoquel or some other immune suppressing steroid or combination steroid/antibiotic/anti fungal drug, you will have to wean your dog off this drug first, before attempting a natural yeast infection treatment program. If you don't, your efforts will be wasted.

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