Full Body Hair Loss With Seresto Collar

by Shelby
(Fort Walton Beach, FL USA)



My long haired Chihuahua started loosing the hair underneath the Seresto collar without me realizing it quickly enough.

Even after I removed the collar, she continued to lose her hair progressively backwards over her body to her backside and tail. She doesn't scratch herself and has kept the hair on her head. She used to have a full, beautiful coat. Now her coat is thin to balding without inflammation.

I changed her to Acana Beef dog food instead of the Acana Chicken in case the chicken base was contributing to her allergic reaction.

She does seem to be doing a little better with the hair on her bottom slowly coming back. On her balding spots there is a very minute, fuzzy type hair trying to come in.

I also put her on probiotics and an anal gland supplement. Is there anything else I could do that might be helpful?

It's taking such a long time to see an improvement. She has and has always had a good appetite. Though I have noticed that she has seemed more energetic this month. Her problems with the Seresto collar started several months ago. She just turned 6 yrs old Dec. 2023.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

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May 26, 2024
Dog Hair loss from the Seresto Collar
by: Sandra

Hi Shelby,

After having done a little research it seems your dog is not the only one that has experienced hair loss while wearing this collar. In fact there have been lawsuits. Not sure about the outcome of those, however.

Anyway, now that you've removed the collar, your dog should get back to normal but it will take a long time I would suspect. Nothing happens quickly, but it sounds like you're on the right rack.

Your little dog is very cute!


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