Cocker Spaniels with Yeasty Ears

by Sue Glass

I have two Cockers each has yeasty ears.

One is a black wax the other a yellow wax.

I have them both on raw diets, mostly grass fed organic and some wild. Diet consists of venison, rabbit, lamb, sardines and offal from lamb and venison... and very little beef and only organic free range chicken necks.

I put kale, cabbage, broccoli and sometimes red peppers into their food every meal. They get venison ribs and free range organic raw egg once in a while.

I add earth based probiotics and hemp oil omega 6. They have vitamin C ( antihistamine ), chlorella for omega 3.

I give a range of herbs daily. Chickweed, cleavers, nettle dandelions, ashwaganda, calendula, burdock and dandelion root.

I am super careful to dry their ears after baths and when it’s raining they wear snoods.

The yeast problem is not out of control and the ears look clean at a glance with no smell, yet they are scratching, especially at night.

Vets prescribe ointments which are hopeless as they leave the ear wet. So I just clean with ACV/water 50/50 or witch hazel and dry.

I might add they don’t have any signs of yeast anywhere else, although one did have a little between her toes but that’s mainly under control with ACV dabbed on and a rinse of ACV after baths.

So please tell me where I’m going wrong and any advice will be gratefully received.

Thank you 🐾🐾

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Apr 18, 2021
Your Cocker Spaniels
by: Sandra

Hi Sue,

Honestly, from what you tell me, I don't really think your dogs are yeasty.

The diet you provide for them is wonderful and they are getting a nice range of supplements and herbs to support internal detox and glandular function...and your use of ACV as a remedy is appropriate.

The only thing I would point to ( without knowing how much ) is the amount of veg ( kale, cabbage, broccoli, red pepper ) you are giving them. These are nutritious foods, but do they really need all that?

Plant foods are converted to glucose by the body, which could be feeding the yeast microorganisms too, if in fact, your dogs have that.

From my perspective, your range of herbs and supplements are providing way more benefit in this regard than a few vegetables possibly could.

So my thought is that you may simply be duplicating your efforts, and perhaps providing a bit too much, which is causing your dog's internal processes to have to eliminate the excess.

Why not just provide food as you are, give your herbs and supplements and forget the veg component to see what happens over the next 3 months.

I know you are doing your best to provide everything your dogs might nutritionally need, but sometimes less, is more.

If by chance, you are giving the vegetables as a source of fiber for your dogs, really...they don't need that. Dog's don't produce enzymes to efficiently break down the fiber in plant foods, especially high fiber foods such as kale and cabbage.

So that would be my suggestion for now...dump the veg. Just go with meat, bones organs, herbs and your other supplements.

Hope that suggestion provides some help for you.


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