Yeast Supplements and Food

by Tina
(Cleveland, Ohio USA)


My puppies were put on two antibiotics and a five day dewormer at the same time.

The pups have struggled with loose stools, now corrected by homemade food with organ meats and turkey, broccoli and kale, MCT oil, garlic, tumeric, chorella, bone meal, and apple cider vinegar.

I would like to know what I should add to the food for vitamin and mineral supplements.

Also, is Four Leaf Rover's Yeast Gard something I should use?

The last question is should I use spinach versus broccoli in my recipe?

The pups are almost 14 weeks old and a bit underweight.

One scratches, and the other has a slight pimply rash that appears on her belly and then goes away with chlorhexidine bath. A third pup has pink pimples but some are like whiteheads.

Also giving them a capful of apple cider vinegar.
Your blog is fabulous.

Many thanks.

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Jan 10, 2024
Pups, Yeast Supplements and Food
by: Sandra

Hi Tina,

It's unfortunate that your pups were put on antibiotics so early in life when their immune systems are only starting to develop. However, what's done is done.

You mention that the loose stools have resolved so that's great.

Since they are still so young I would be reluctant to put them on any kind of yeast or detox program. Why not just continue in the way that you are until they are at least 6 months old or more. Give their issues a chance to resolve on their own. Most of their energy is being used for growth at this point.

You're feeding a pretty good diet, so I wouldn't worry too much about vitamins and minerals. You could alternate broccoli with spinach when making your recipe.

Hope that helps,

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