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About Dog Nutrition Naturally is really about me, Sandra. I'm the face behind this canine health and nutrition for dogs, website. I live my message and practice what I preach here, and have done so, for many years. I know what works because my dogs are healthy, and rarely if ever, have anything wrong with them.

Here's something you should know about me. I didn't go to ' dog health school ' and I didn't train to be a ' dog nutrition coach '.

I did however, graduate from the school of  ' learn from experience and don't repeat mistakes '.

I've been where you are. I've made the mistakes as far as feeding my dogs is concerned. I've learned hard lessons at the expense of my dogs health. I don't ever want to make my dogs pay for my lack of knowledge, again. They don't deserve it.

I love dogs! I love living with dogs. Dogs make me happy!  I am an animal advocate and I support organizations that do exceptional and important work in animal welfare.

I am an eternal optimist when it comes to believing that you can help your dog be healthier by feeding your dog better food. I promise that you will leave this website armed with good information about dog nutrition naturally, and an action plan to help you take charge of your dog's health yourself.

Helping you create naturally healthy dogs for life, without the use of drugs and other toxic influences, is what I do. I will tell you the truth. I understand your challenges, your worry, your fears and your overwhelm and I understand that you really want to help your dog.

Ultimately, my role here is to be your confidant, while using my knowledge and experience to be your objective advisor.

There is no right or wrong. Each dog is a unique individual living within the special circumstances of your life.

My Dog Nutrition Naturally Story

My Dog Nutrition Naturally Story is the story of my life growing up with dogs. My mother taught me much of what I know about feeding dogs a healthy natural diet. My mother was a raw feeder long before anyone even thought about calling it that. It was just how my mom fed our dogs at home, back then.

Looking back, I realize that the dogs and cats I grew up with all lived a long time. Now, dogs are lucky if they live 9 to 12 years. They should live much longer AND be healthy for life.


This is my old dog Maggie. She was 22 when she left me. Maggie lived a healthy active life with no health problems for all those years. It doesn't get any better than that, does it!

How I Returned To Dog Nutrition Naturally

The turning point in my story about dog nutrition naturally, starts many years ago with the tragic and unexplained death of my beautiful dog Rosie ( Jack's sister ). Rosie had many health problems as a puppy and throughout her short life. She passed away at only 5 years of age from unexplained organ failure.

I was devastated by Rosie's death. At first, I couldn't understand how this horrible tragedy had happened, but I soon realized I had veered far from what my Mom had taught me about dog nutrition naturally and how to have healthy dogs for life.

My heart was broken, but I still had three other dogs to care for. So, it was time to rethink how I had been feeding my dogs and looking after their health. I decided right then, to go back to using the knowledge I had learned from my mother, and start again, in hopes of sparing my other dogs the same tragic fate.

Mum...you were so right! I my mind I can almost hear my mother say to me...

" Just get back to basics, Sandra!

Dogs are dogs. Dogs are NOT people. Dogs need meat and bones to be healthy and happy."

Along with my own mother,  Mother Nature has always been my favorite teacher! Understanding how wild dogs live and feed themselves to stay healthy, is fascinating to me! Nature provides us with many options to help the body heal and strive for health on it's own. Since I'm not a vet, I can't give you medical advice, but ... I CAN give you good advice!

My dogs are free of disease and don't have health problems. My dogs rarely go to the vet. If they go at all, it's just for a check up. My dogs don't need drugs to manage pain or other health problems symptoms. My dogs die of old age, not cancer. That's the way it should be. The proof is in the results!

Time is all we have! So I believe it's important to maximize the time you have with your beloved dog by nurturing his natural ability to stay healthy so you can love him longer. That makes sense doesn't it?

So... That's a Little Bit About
Dog Nutrition Naturally

I hope you enjoy my site. I strive to give you the best of my knowledge and experience. I know you want to make informed choices by learning all you can about dog nutrition naturally and feeding dogs for good health and a long life. I'm here to help you discover and learn. So let's get started.

If you have a question you can contact me here

 My Three Amigos at
Dog Nutrition Naturally...
Lily, Teddy and Pax.

We are blessed to be living with...

  • Teddy our 12 year old Chocolate Labradoodle 
  • Lily our 7 year old Golden Retriever
  • Pax, 3 year old English Springer Spaniel

Their pictures are at the top of the page.

My dogs are all healthy and enjoying life!

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