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About Dog Nutrition Naturally is really about Sandra. That's me! I'm a Canadian living in gorgeous Southern Ontario. The world is a small place these days, and I'm proud to say that I have created this website myself, and now have many thousands of health conscious, dog parents as clients and friends, from everywhere.

I'm a dog lover and animal advocate. I'm a writer, an entrepreneur at heart and and an eternal optimist when it comes to helping you implement strategies to improve your dog's health. I love that I'm able to assist dog owners with a meaningful action plan to get results. So, this website is for you to learn more about dog nutrition naturally and how to use holistic health strategies to improve the health of your dog.

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My Dog Nutrition Naturally Story is really more the story of my life. For as long as I can remember I have always lived with dog's and cats.

My mother taught me much of what I know about feeding dogs a natural diet. My mother was a raw feeder long before anyone even thought about it in those terms. It was just how she fed our dogs back then. 

I think it's amazing that the dogs and cats I grew up with, all lived in excess of 16 years. My oldest dog was 22 years of age when she died. Now, dogs are lucky if they live 9 to 12 years. Just recently my old dog Jack, passed over the Rainbow Bridge at almost 20 years of age. Jack had a wonderful quality of life, right up to his last day. Well done Jack!

The story about Dog Nutrition Naturally  and me starts with the unexplained death of my beautiful dog Rosie ( Jack's sister ) who passed away at only 5 years of age. This unexpected tradegy led me to step up to the plate and learn more about dog nutrition and caring for dogs the natural way.

I had always been interested in natural remedies and the holistic way. I learned much about this from my Mom too. She even knew a herbalist called ' Mr. Reed '. I remember my Mom had a small book written by him that she consulted when she wanted to find a natural solution to a common health problem such as a cold, a cough, a headache, a bee sting, a bruise or an upset tummy. She used some of these same natural remedies for our dogs too, if needed.

So, after Rosie died suddenly of unexplained organ failure, I was heartbroken. I realized that I had veered far from the holistic path. I was not tapping into the weath of knowledge I had learned from my Mom about dog nutrition naturally, and her herbalist about how to use natural herbal remedies to boost health. 

I am also very fortunate to have learned much from holistic veterinarians, and taken courses led by others working in the natural health care field for both people and animals. I am mostly self educated. I use the information that makes sense to me.

Many people are interested in, and want to know more about natural health care and how to use that knowledge for their dogs. I want to help people make the switch easily. I live these benefits every day so I know it works. My dogs are free of disease and never need the vet. They die of old age, not cancer. That's the way it should be!

I also have an insatiable curiosity about how the body works and what makes people and animals tick at a deep energetic level. The body is an amazing thing! This is the main reason I am entranced by holistic healing. The body can and does heal all by itself. We only need to help it. Much of my working career was spent as a medical lab technician, so I have a unique blend of allopathic and holistic knowledge at my fingertips. I can see and understand both sides of the healthcare story. Each viewpoint has it's place.

The Laws of Mother Nature have been in existence since time began. They still hold true today, tomorrow and forever. I deeply believe the body will always strive for health, if we will only help it. The natural way to better health may take longer, but your naturally healthy dog will be the end result.

I believe my understanding of the natural way, my ability to teach it and mentor others through the process, is my unique gift to pet parents. It's how I make a difference in the world. Time is all we have, so I think it's really important to maximize the time we have with our beloved pets by nurturing their natural ability to stay healthy.

 Change Your Thinking
About Dog Nutrition Naturally
If You Want
to Change Your Experience

Does that make sense? If you keep doing the same thing over and over again, your results won't change. Change nothing and nothing changes. Do you keep going back to the vet, back to the vet, back to the vet? Do you still have the same problem? Do you have more than one dog health problem? Did you start with one dog health problem and now you have more than you started with?

Maybe a change in thinking is all you need. Don't be  a robot! You have a brain for a reason. Use it. Our dogs are completely at our mercy. They must do what we say. They must eat what we give them. They don't have a choice. Can you imagine having someone else make all your decisions for you? I urge you to think seriously about the choices you make for your dog.

Bring your heart and mind to the table when you make choices for your dog. You always have the freedom to choose, but here are a few things to think about that will make a huge difference in your dog's health. You might have to rethink what you've been doing up to now.

  • Don't decide to vaccinate your dog just because you get a notice in the mail and your vet says you have to. No you don't. You're not a robot!
  • Don't decide to feed your dog the same processed dog food every day of his life just because it says on the bag that's all you have to do to provide balanced canine nutrition. Simply not true, folks! Don't be a robot!
  • Don't decide to give your dog drugs that will shut down his immune system just because your vet says that's what needs to be done as a ' quick fix ' solution to symptoms. The deeper root cause of the dog health problem remains still. Don't forget all drugs have side effects! Don't be a robot!

Natural Strategies Can Help You

So have fun learning about dog nutrition naturally! You are a unique person with your own gifts and talents and special personality. Most importantly I believe you love your dog and want to make the best choices you can, by educating yourself, learning all you can about dog nutrition naturally, so you can make informed decisions.

I'm here to help you learn. I continue to learn every day too. I strive to expand my ideas about what it means to live a full and healthy life in service to others in my own unique way. I think the proof is in the results. My dogs don't have health problems. My dogs rarely go to the vet. They don't need to. They live life free of disease and don't need drugs to manage pain or symptoms.

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Sandra King

Strategic Natural Health Care Consulting for People and Dogs

Reiki Level 2

We are blessed to be living with Teddy a 9 year old Chocolate Labradoodle and Gracie a 12 year old Great Dane. Both are healthy and full of life!


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