Yeast Guard Detox

by Tara

My dog is doing Yeast Guard regimen for 5 weeks with all those herbs.

Now his eyes and ears are gooey and skin is flaking.

Is this part of the process?

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Jan 10, 2024
Yeast Guard Detox
by: Sandra

Hello Tara,

I don't use or recommend the Yeast Guard Detox program, so I am not qualified to comment one way or the other about it.

However, I can tell you that any detox program starts a process whereby the body has to clean out the old before it can implement the new.

So really, although I don't have any other information about your dog, or the Yeast Guard Detox program, I would suspect this is what's happening with your dog.
He will get worse, before he gets better.

So my advice would be ...stick it out for long enough to see the desired result. You could also contact that company for support help.


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