My dog has diabetes

by Sue Allen
(Jackson TN)

My dog has diabetes. She is on insulin twice a day and eats Glycobalance dog food.

My vet offers the apoquel and cytopoint injections. Neither work, plus a bath three times a week in a specific shampoo. None of it helps.

I’m at a loss. My dog and I both, are miserable.

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Nov 24, 2022
Dog With Diabetes
by: Sandra

Hello Sue,

I have no doubt that both you and your dog are miserable, and that's a shame!

You haven't told me much about your dog's health history, but I know that diabetes is a chronic condition that didn't start yesterday. It started early in her life and now, you are, where you are with it. I'm quite sure that included in her health history would be allergies, digestive issues, problems with food, and the list goes on.

Apparently drugs such as Apoquel and Cytopoint are no longer working to manage the symptoms of skin issues, so realistically you are out of options.

The only thing I would suggest, and it may be a stretch for you to get your head around, but I would consider switching your dog to a carbohydrate free raw diet. However, you will need someone to help and guide you, because her insulin will need to be closely monitored.

The food she is currently on, would not nourish a rock.

Since dogs as a species are carnivores, and everyone including dogs, need to eat fresh food, that's my suggestion to you. Meat, bones, organs, fish, eggs.

I say all of this fully realizing that your dog is chronically ill, and you may not at this late date, be able to turn your dog's health around for the better, even if you do take up my suggestion.

My heart goes out to you,
Sandra XXX

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