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Normally, you'd be able to contact Dog Nutrition Naturally here on this page. However, Dog Nutrition Naturally is going through a major website revamping. So I will be unable to make my contact form available to you right now. Please be patient.

My mandate is always to help you learn how to restore health for your dog by feeding correctly according to guidelines set down by Mother Nature. Dog health coaching and consulting are my special areas of expertise.

Sandra King health coaching Natures Sunshine ProductsHere I am with my beautiful English Springer Spaniel. Pager used to be a very sick dog. He's the picture of health now.

Feeding Dogs for Health and Longevity
is Not Exactly Rocket Science

Seems this has become almost a mantra for me. Feeding dogs properly and helping them be healthy for life should be a simple thing to do. I sincerely don't understand why dog nutrition has become such a complicated subject. It's not.

Providing excellent dog nutrition doesn't have to be hard to do,  complicated to source, or expensive. I try to keep my suggestions as simple as possible. You and your dog's health are important to me. So that's why this website is changing. I will be implementing new ways for you to learn, so you can help your dog.

Often better canine health can be achieved by following these simple steps:

  1. Upgrade the quality of your dog food and add some fresh whole foods.
  2. Add nutritional health supplements for general health improvement. This works for everybody. No exceptions!
  3. Targeted supplementation to overcome dog health problems.

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