Dog Owner With Yeasty Shih-Poo

by Jenn

Blackened skin on under belly and in armpit area

Blackened skin on under belly and in armpit area

We had our 5 year old Shih-poo swabbed for allergies and food triggers after becoming weary of 2-3 yrs of off and on antibiotics and prednisone for skin infections/crusty scabby skin/blackened spots on belly and Apoquel, pills or shots for allergies with no long term relief.

His tests showed allergies/triggers to so many proteins, many vegetables, ALL grains, etc.

He has been on a diet of raw turkey since August and we saw skin improvements and less itching but he lost a lot of weight. We added pumpkin to his food and he still seemed underweight.

After adding the pumpkin seemingly without ill effect we added sardines. All still seemed good and we began to add a duck egg to his weekend morning meals.

He has not had anything other than raw turkey, pumpkin, or sardines in the last 3weeks and his skin is the WORST it’s ever been. Underbelly is very black in many spots and the crusty scabs were everywhere.

The owner of the dog food place who has been advising us thinks he may be having a yeast die off.

Would it take this long to get so bad?
We started raw in August.

We have a probiotic spray that we just started to hopefully help with itch.

I do not want to bring him to the vet because I KNOW they’ll prescribe an antibiotic and steroids and we will undo anything good we accomplished with the raw.

Is this likely a yeast die off?

How long might it last and how do I know if it’s severe and having an detrimental impact internally?

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Nov 12, 2021
Shih-Poo With Yeast infection and Allergies
by: Sandra

Hello Jenn,

If I had a dime for every dog owner who writes to me about their dog with allergies and yeast infections, I would truly be rich by now.

So, just to make another long story short, the root of your problem is found in the very things that were used as the SOLUTION to your original problem. Namely...Apoquel, pills and shots, antibiotics and steroids ( your words )and very likely poor quality food too.

All of these things disrupt balance in the gut microbiome and eventually lead to the problems you are having now. Vaccines also contribute to this, so add that to the list of causes.

Read my page on leaky gut.

When your dog's problems started 3 years ago with something small, no doubt, that would have been the time to do nothing, and let your dog's body get through it and get over it.

Dogs like people, have an immune system for a reason. Your small problem likely turned into a bigger problem/s from the very same things meant to fix it.

So, the good news is that you have introduced some fresh food ( raw turkey ). Do more of that. Find other meat/bones/organ sources that he will eat.

Anything you give him topically ( eg: probiotic spray etc ) may help to give relief temporarily, but will not help internally where your dog's problem is rooted. Only food can do that, along with some targeted supplements perhaps.

Realistically, it will take at least a year for you to solve this problem for your dog. You have only just begun the journey. It won't be fun. I warn you, but you can do it, if you are committed to helping your dog get through this problem and get over it once and for all.


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