15 Year Old Dog with Yeast Die Off

by Doreen Iverson

How Can I help my 15yr old dog with really BAD die-off from yeast? She has been treated by vets, skin specialists, family vet. Blood tests have been done and she's had many antibiotics.

She has been taking Apoquel as the last resort.

Started taking ADORED BEAST GUT SMOOTH 6 weeks ago. Weaning her off Apoquel the past month to half tablet each day, to none the last week, before starting Parasitic Herb's from Dr Morse, FAB 4 & Parasitic M, Plus Liver tonic. Spraying Adored Beast Owies &Oopsies on her Paws, and anus.

The die off is so bad. It is hard to see her suffer. PLEASE HELP?

Vet is only good for Antibiotics & Apoquel and a big BILL.

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Dec 06, 2020
Old Dog with Yeast Infection Die Off
by: Sandra


Sounds like your old dog's problems started a long time ago. Too much antibiotics are probably the main culprit, leaving your old girl with a big yeast problem.

So now you're using Apoquel in an attempt to relieve her symptoms. Well, so be it. I can understand that you would want to help her have some peace!

At the same time more recently, you have started an holistic program in an attempt to get rid of the yeast problem once and for all, which seems to be working because your dog now has...a big die off problem.

So, in an attempt to solve one problem ( yeast infection ) you have created another problem ( yeast cell die off ).

Have you ever heard of Newton's Law of Motion? Here it is:

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

For YOUR dog's set of health circumstances, this statement means that as a result of trying to do good, harm has been done.

This is not your fault. It's just the way life is. If you do something, you can expect something else to happen that may not be what you expected.

So, everything that was done previously ( drugs/antibiotics ) to solve symptoms ( perhaps, itching, allergies, ear problems etc? ) has now created an equal and opposite reaction ( gut micobiome imbalance/yeast infection ).

So now, in order to solve the ( yeast infection ) problem an holistic program was implemented which has caused an equal and opposite reaction ( yeast cell die off ).

So how do you stop this vicious cycle of reaction?

It won't be easy and will take a lot of time. For a dog 15 years old who has had health issues for a long time, you can't expect her issues now, to go away quickly. 6 weeks doesn't even begin to be enough time.

My rule of thumb for resolving health problems naturally is...

One month for every year the dog has had issues, plus three months to restore balance...and that's a bare minimum!

So let's assume your dog started to have health issues 10 years ago. That would be 10 months plus 3 months. Doing the math, you can see that it will be at least a year before you can expect to see any good result, and in the meantime you and your dog will have to live with Newton's Law, since that is what you are experiencing now.

That doesn't mean that you can't make her/your life easier.

The first ting I would do ( bearing in mind that I don't use the products you mention ) is back off on the recommended dosages.

Quite obviously, the recommended dosages are too much for your old dog who is having bad die off.

Reduce the dosage by half and give it a few weeks to see if that helps her. If not, back off more, until you can reach a dosage that accomplishes what you want to accomplish, without driving your dog ( and you ) insane with die off symptoms.

This is just my first suggestion. There are other things you could do as well.

You say you don't want to see your dog suffer, but in actual fact, she has been suffering with symptoms of one type or another, for a long time, probably. So, it's important to understand that suffering is sometimes a necessary part of life, in order to achieve something better.

Your dog is not young, but she's still here, and for that you should be grateful. You still have time to help her.

Dog health problems such as what your dog is experiencing, and has experienced, are totally human induced. That is not your fault either. What was done, was done with the best of intention, but you are living with the result of actions taken on your dog's behalf.

My heart goes out to your dog and you. I wish you the best of luck helping your lovely old dog.


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