Labrador Retriever with Yeast Infection

I have a 7-year-old Lab named Lulu, who started about a year and a half ago with some itching. I was not sure where it was coming from since I feed her a decent kibble I figure I would change the protein. It did not seem to do much

My other Lab is 6. She started with an ear issue about 3 months later. I am pretty sure it is the fact that they eat a kibble, but I can't afford raw even though I would like to feed it to them.

I use Dinovite with their food and it has eliminated the ear issue. However Lulu still is dealing with the skin issues. I also give her oregano pills and Pau Darco and fresh garlic and enzymes. I spray her with apple cider vinegar and tea tree and green tea.

I am so glad you talk about how long it takes and having patience, but it seems like it is also getting harder as it gets hotter out. Any thoughts?

I tried raw chicken for a while but maybe it was not long enough not sure. I also make broth for them once a week.

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Jan 07, 2022
by: frank

I have been following alot of what you said to help Lulu and Sophie.

They are getting better. Also it is winter.

I have changed some things around. I am blending leafy greens and giving them probiotics and prebotics and also more coconut oil.

Any way things are looking up!

All The Best

Jun 14, 2021
Your Labs with Yeast
by: Sandra

Hi Frank,

It sounds like you're doing lots of good things for your dogs, despite the fact that you aren't/can't feeding them a raw diet. Just continue doing what you're doing. It does take a long time however, because nothing changes in the body very quickly and there's nothing you can do to rush that.

Hot weather will exacerbate this problem because yeast will thrive in a warm, moist environment.

If you can't afford to feed your dogs a raw diet every day, simply feed them raw whenever you can. Even a couple of days a week, is better than nothing. Meat bones and organs.

It's interesting to me that your other 6 year old Lab came down with an ear infection three moths after Lulu started her skin problems. Did you get them vaccinated together anytime in the previous six months?

So, as always, my suggestions remain the same. Feed raw, don't vaccinate your itching dog, use natural remedies for supplementing and topical relief.

Keep on keeping on Frank. It will take a year or more.


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