What Are the Recommended Herbs and Supplements for Yeast Infection?

by Carline
(Port St Lucie, Florida, USA)

I just found your website today, for which I am very grateful.

I share my life with a 9 year old, 10 lbs Pekingese, called Yoshiko.

Unfortunately she has been dealing with a yeast infection on her skin. Even as a pup she had ear infections, but this last year these lesions/ growths have been showing up from her neck to her tail.

I have been using Zymox shampoo every 3 to 4 days but the smell and growths do not seem to be affected.

We have added pre and probiotics to her diet and trying to get her to eat semi cooked and raw food, which she is hesitant in eating.

I tried to find the list of herbs and supplements and couldn’t find a link.

I would appreciate any feedback or articles to read on the subject.

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Nov 22, 2021
Your Dog With a Yeast Infection
by: Sandra

Hi Carline,

It sounds to me as if your lovely Pekingese is now having problems beyond a yeast infection. I'm concerned about the lesions and growths. You don't mention if you have been to the vet about this, or what has been done about your dog's condition, so far.

I commend you for trying to get Yoshiko to eat a better diet. Often dogs who have been kibble fed, get used to their junk food kibble diet and have a harder time transitioning to cooked or raw...but don't give up. The first step to improving your dogs health is to upgrade diet, and that's what you're doing. Just make sure that it is a meat based diet and reduce or eliminate unnecessary carbohydrates...fruits and vegetables or any grains such as oats. These foods contain natural sugars which will feed the yeast organisms and will impede your progress to better health for Yoshiko.

I'm hesitant recommend any herbs or supplements at this point, because you are still working on sorting out your dog's diet. That's the first step. Good that you are giving probiotics, though.

Stay in touch, if you want more help,


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