Dog Health Problems and You?

Dog health problems don't happen ' out of the blue'. Your dog wasn't healthy yesterday and now sick, today. He didn't suddenly ' get ' allergies. He doesn't have diarrhea for no reason. His thyroid or kidney issues didn't drop in yesterday. Your dog didn't develop cancer since last week.

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Here's the thing. Your dog was born perfect. I truly don't mean to be harsh, but what happened? If your dog is sick, if your dog has any health problem at all, you have to reflect, look backward and ask yourself some hard ' why 'questions.

  1. When was the first time I noticed something wrong with my dog?
  2. Did something happen recently to cause this?
  3. What was done to solve the problem the first time?
  4. Did this solve the problem, or is it still a problem?
  5. Has my dog developed other health problems, since then?
  6. What are my dog's symptoms now? Make a list of your dog illness symptoms.

What Is the Root Cause of Dog Health Problems?

Dogs have health problems for the same reasons people have health problems!

Although there can be many reasons why dogs get sick, the bottom line is that the core principles of good health have been breached, in one way or another. So it's your job to understand what those core health principles are, and try to see how you may have violated them, albeit unknowingly.

This is called taking responsibility for your dog's health. If something has gone wrong to cause a decline in your dog's health, you must attempt to understand what happened and why it happened.

Your Dog's Good Health Begins On the Inside

The root cause of most dog health problems is deeper than what you can see on the outside surface of your dog's body. The problems started long before you noticed anything. The dog health problems symptoms that you can see/touch/smell are telling you something is wrong on the inside of your dog's body.

The real issue is on the inside, but the clues you can see/touch/smell are on the outside! So it makes sense then, that stopping the outward symptoms does not solve the real problem originating from inside.

If you have gone to your vet more than once for the same dog health problem, it would seem reasonable to assume that drugs are not the answer you're looking for.

Preventing Dog Health Problems
Is Easier Than Trying to Fix Them Later

Here's my list of common dog illnesses. Dog diseases, dog illnesses and dog health problems do not just happen. They are the end result of a need that is not being met. So, then you have to ask yourself..." What am I missing? What am I doing wrong? What can I do to help my dog be healthier? "

Most dog illnesses can be prevented before they start or at the very least, improved at home by upgrading the quality of dog food. Better quality dog food provides better dog nutrition. Food is the nutritional foundation of health for everyone. Nutritious appropriate food for your dog builds good health over a lifetime.

If you want to prevent dog health problems so you don't have to ' fix ' them later, or if you want to learn how to resolve dog health problems at home yourself, make sure you read every page on this website.

The benefits are many! Not the least of which is saving money by avoiding drugs and surgeries. This will also save your dog from experiencing the trauma of surgery and the toxic side effects of drugs while producing long term health improvements for life!

Shift Your Mindset from Dog Illness to Building Dog Health

When you put your focus on building health, rather than ' fighting disease ', you will experience a shift in thinking that will allow you to see the possibilities rather than the problems. Put your thoughts toward building health rather than ' managing ' health problems symptoms. A shift in your thinking will change how you feel, and that will start a change in your dog's health from bad to better.

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