Elderly Dog Yeast Treatment

by Laura
(Spokane, Washington )

My dog is about 13 years old and showing signs of a yeast infection. How can I treat him for this?

He has had all blood work done. Pee in normal range, except his kidney count was a little elevated.

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Dec 04, 2020
Your 13 Year Old Dog With a Yeast Infection
by: Sandra

Hello Laura,

You didn't give me very much information so it's hard to answer your question specifically.

There is nothing you can give your dog ( drug or herbal/natural )to stop a yeast infection.

A yeast infection is a condition that builds up over time, because other things have happened to create an imbalance of microbes in your dog's gut microbiome.

The most common causes of gut microbe imbalance are...

chemical flea/tick/heartworm control products
inappropriate feeding

So, rather than ask how you can treat the yeast infection condition...ask yourself, how many of these things on the list, have been done to your dog over the years?

If you say yes, to any or all of them, then you know how to best help your dog, by stopping what has caused the yeast infection condition, in the first place.

The yeast infection is no doubt contributing to your dog's kidney issue because of high levels of toxins from the items ( all or any ) mentioned on the list of causes, as well as the toxic effect of the yeast fungus, itself.

The first step to helping your dog, is to eliminate all or any, core causes.


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