Should I Give My West Highland Terrier Goats Milk Kefir With a Yeast Infection?

by Kirstin
(Washington Twp, NJ USA)

My 7 yo Westie has had quite a road to travel.

We rescued him as a puppy and he came with a laundry list of allergies.

Since day one I have fed him a raw diet but failed to learn about the dangers of too many vaccines until it was too late.

He started at age 3 with ear infections and itchy paws, treated him with antibiotics and he began to rapidly lose weight ( which now I suspect was leaky gut).

About a year later, after struggling to put weight back on him with kefir, and changing up his raw diet he suffered 3 grand mal seizures where he lost his sight and nearly died.

We started him on anti seizure meds but I found a holistic vet who helped us wean him off the seizure meds and bring him back to the best health he had ever been in. We titred him, and he was seizure free and healthy again.

An unfortunate change in vets then took us down the road we are currently traveling. I found a tick and took him to this new vet who told me that he was holistic.

I told him his history and that I was wary of any drugs. He assured me that the doxycycline he was putting him on would get rid of any lymes and would not affect him adversely. He was wrong.

Almost immediately his allergies returned with a vengeance, so bad that his skin was oozing despite all my natural remedies. I took him in and guess what? They put him on antibiotics.

Things got worse from there so they started him on Apoquel. I was sure that this was the wrong path so after he finished his first dose, I returned to my holistic doctor. They started him on Cytopoint and medicated shampoo. He has had 2 treatments of the Cytopoint, but I want to attack this problem from the inside now, so I ordered your Yeasty Beast protocol which is on its way to us.

I have removed all fruits and veg from his diet and I have been treating him with colloidal silver.

He has taken a turn for the worse just this past week, which I am hoping is the Candida die off. His skin appears to be molting, his skin is oozy in areas and I am bathing him every other day to keep him comfortable.

He has been lethargic and nauseous, he will eat grass so that he can vomit.

I am afraid to bring him to the vet. I am certain they will put him on antibiotics. I want to try the protocol first. Please advise if I am doing the right thing. I thought that the goats milk kefir was beneficial to his natural flora, but I am afraid of the sugar in it.

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Apr 02, 2024
Raw Goat Kefir
by: Anonymous

Raw goat milk contains sugar in the form of lactose,however, once it is fermented (kefir),it is virtually sugar free, as the lactose is consumed by the kefir grains. It is not only safe to feed your little guy, it's highly recommended.

Jun 28, 2020
Westie with Yeast Infection
by: Sandra

Hello Kirstin,

First, I'd like to thank you for offering all of this information about your little Westie.

Unfortunately, you did not purchase the Yeasty Beast product though me. I do not support that product, since I have my own protocol for the yeast problem. So you will have to go back to your original point of purchase for help with the product.

To answer your question about kefir. Although kefir is a nutritious food with some probiotic benefit, it is also high in milk sugars and so I would not recommend or use it when trying to recover your dog from what sounds like...a serious yeast infection problem.

I'm sorry I cannot help you more and I wish you the best,


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