Terrible cysts in paws, weaning time

by Courtney
(Bedford )

Hi there,

I am in the middle of the detox process ridding my poor Richie of all the antibiotics and Apoquel he’s been taking for 2 years and trying to rebuild his immune system.

He is a white bull terrier who developed many environment allergies when I moved from a dry climate to a very moist one.

He’s been switched to straight raw and on pro/prebiotics, liver tonic support, epsom salt baths. etc. but he is still very much full of yeast and also has inter digital cysts that keep flaring up.

I weaned him off the Apoquel for two weeks. Do you think that was enough time? I’m sticking to this natural regimen to a T but when he all of a sudden seems like he’s getting better he just seems to goes backwards.

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Nov 24, 2022
White Bull Terrier With Allergies and Inter Digital Cysts
by: Sandra

Hi Courtney,

White Bull Terriers are famous for chronic skin issues. However, it sounds to me as if you're on the right track. So I would simply encourage you to continue with your natural program.

Weaning your dog off Apoquel will take more than 2 weeks, I'm quite sure. He has been on it for 2 years, so it seems reasonable to me that it might take months to get him through that detox. Horrible stuff, Apoquel!

It's important for you to realize that weaning your dog off drugs and implementing a helpful herbal or natural program will take time and patience. The road will not be smooth, and will seem like one step forward and two steps back more often than not.

The body heals in it's own way, in it's own time, but will always strive for healthful balance. You will find that he will reach a plateau and then seem to fall back, but will climb higher every time if allowed to progress slowly in his own way.

So it is your job to understand that some suffering will happen in order for your dog to navigate the twists and turns, falls and climbs, of rebalancing to better health.

One step at a time..

About the inter digital cysts, which are another side effect of allergies. Just keep them clean with betadine, or hydrogen peroxide, or apple cider vinegar. Dry them well, and perhaps add a light coat of neosporin or some other antibiotic topical. You might have to put a light boot or sock on his feet to keep him from licking his paws.

Keep going!


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