Hi there,

I have been battling my dogs yeast infection for over a year now. We just recently discovered Nyzmes for dogs and have started their program.

Do you know about this protocol?

What is your opinion?

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Nov 24, 2022
Westie with Yeast
by: Sandra


It seems like you have spent a lot of money and time, and don't seem to be getting very far.

Although the first vet was treating your Westie for leaky gut, it would be my opinion that an overabundance of yeast is causing the leaky gut. So why not treat that first?

The second vet is right off the track, as far as I'm concerned.

Since you have gone back to using Nzymes ( which I don't use, BTW ) I would suggest that you continue on with their yeast protocol for as long as it takes to see the result you want.

Healing a dog from a yeast infection takes a long time, and the path forward is up, down and sideways. So don't expect to see good results quickly or expect the road to be smooth.

Much depends on your dogs age and how long the disorder has been active.

Yes, I do have my own program for yeast problems in dogs, but I would advise you to continue with NZymes since you're already using it and give it a chance to work. That company should be able to give you a realistic timelime for improvement.


Sep 16, 2022
by: Kristen

I read your comment about NZymes for yeast.

We have a three year old female Westie who has been going through detox for almost a year. She is being treated by a holistic vet for leaky gut, detoxing with ozone therapy treatment, vibra sonic and Salt room therapy with probiotic support.

Her condition got worse.

At the time, I did not know about the healing crisis. I got scared and we went to a TCM vet who gave her antibiotics, Fluconazole and medicated shampoo. This cleared her up for several months but then she broke out again.

We went back to the holistic vet who chastised us and continued with the detox process. This vet has never addressed her yeast issue, only leaky gut.

The TCM that had done skin scrapings and confirmed yeast. We’ve been using NZymes for about a month on the advice of a Westie rescue group leader. We also live in Florida where it’s very hot and humid and she has access to 3/4 of an acre and is outside all of the time so it’s hard to keep her skin dry/clean.

I noticed that you have your own protocol and was wondering what that involves, if you could email me or should we just stay on the enzymes.

We go back next month to have her retested for her heavy-metal levels to see if they’ve come down to normal. Thanks

Jan 09, 2020
Answering Your Question About Nzymes
by: Sandra

Hi back!

Yes, I know about Nzymes. Lots of people have contacted me over the years about their dog's yeast infection problem, many of them using or asking about Nzymes.

I really can't comment on those products, only to say that I don't use them or recommend them, simply because I have a protocol of my own that I stand by.

In my experience, helping your dog get over a yeast infection is more about following a specific protocol for an extended period of time.

It's also of utmost importance to try to understand WHY your dog has a yeast infection in the first place???

There are many different ' products and protocols ' on the market. Most of them will work to a greater or lesser degree depending on how committed to following the protocol you are!

Mostly, when people aren't successful in helping their dog with candida, it's simply because they don't continue for long enough.

So, you already have the Nzymes. Give those products and protocol a whirl and don't give up!

I'm happy to help you if you would like more assistance.

Best of luck to you and your dog!

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