A Raw Food Diet For Dogs Is ' Live ' Food

A raw food diet for dogs is the ONLY natural dog food. In my opinion it is the best dog food. Canine evolutionary biology research, has shown that our dogs have evolved to eat a diet of ' live foods ' made up of a natural balance of raw meat, organs, bone, some fish and eggs, and small amounts of fruits, vegetables and wild grasses.

Like people, dogs need food to nourish their bodies. Dogs are scavenging carnivores. Over millions of years, wild dogs have eaten the whole prey, carcasses and remains of other animals. This is the canine ancestral diet. True dog nutrition. Nothing has changed no matter what you've been told.

Dogs are designed physically to eat the same  evolutionary diet their Canidae ancestors ate. This means the meat, bones, organs and glands of prey animals. Along with smaller amounts of fish, eggs, fruits and other vegetation when necessary.

Who Made Humans Experts On
Dog Nutrition?

Dogs evolved from wolves over 14,000 years ago, and have adapted well to the ways of humans. Dogs have thrived as a species. The discarded food waste of humans supplied extra food over the ages. The fittest and healthiest dogs were the ones that ate the best food, and therefore got the best dog nutrition.

Structurally, our domestic dogs are somewhat different than wolves and their coyote cousins, but inside the body, the canine digestive system remains almost the same. Although domestic dogs have evolved over time, they are still built to utilize their historically correct, canine ancestral diet.

A raw food diet for dogs is life enhancing food. Dogs today, still need ' live foods ' that truly nourish them. Only a raw food diet will provide this. A correct raw diet is close to the original, natural raw food diet consumed by wild dogs.

All nutrients are intact and have not been destroyed or altered by heat and processing.

  • proteins
  • enzymes
  • vitamins
  • minerals
  • essential fatty acids

Dogs have been eating their natural raw diet, shared with humans, for over 14,000 years. Wolves and other wild dogs have been eating a raw diet for at least 5,000,000 years.

It is important to realize, that our pet dogs have been eating an unnatural diet of commercial dry dog foods and prepared canned foods for less than 100 years. Hello! How does that make us experts at what dogs should eat? In the scheme of life and the history of the world, 100 years is a drop in the bucket! Quite obviously, the canidae species, was doing just fine, before humans got involved.

12 Health Benefits of Feeding Dogs a Raw Diet

  1. the body is able to make healthier cells from better, higher quality raw ingredients
  2. less inflammation and illness, especially chronic common dog health problems such as arthritis, skin problems, allergies and ear infections.
  3. easier weight control. No more fat dogs. Watch your dog become slim and trim.
  4. whiter, cleaner teeth and healthier gums.
  5. better hydration and improved kidney function. Less water drinking.
  6. better mental awareness. If your dog was smart before, he'll be even smarter now!
  7. improved immune function helps to eliminate problems such as Candida/Yeast
  8. sharper eyesight and better vision.
  9. strong, healthy heart muscle
  10. less cancer risk. Cancer is the #1 killer of dogs today! Read more about a ketogenic diet for dogs here.
  11. firmer, smaller stools relieve anal gland problems. This means less dog poop pick up for you.
  12. less shedding. Thank God!

Raw feeding for dogsTurner is a Lucky Raw Fed Dog

Four  Raw Dog Food Categories to Choose From

When you start to research feeding dogs a raw food diet, the first thing you come to realize is that raw food for dogs is available in many different forms. Not as many choices as commercial dry dog food, but daunting nevertheless.

Here are some of the choices available to you. As a place to start, just go to Google and type in ' raw dog food plus your local area ' and see what pops up.

  1. Do It Yourself is possible and the most obvious choice, but some education is necessary. Dogs need meat, bones and organs along with a small amount of carbohydrates from plant sources, as would duplicate the natural diet of wild dogs. This can present a sourcing problem depending on where you live and what's available to you. A good variety of raw food is key here. Do your homework. See what you can source locally. Look in the grocery store, find local independent abattoirs ( human meat processing ), food co-ops, talk to farmers who raise grass fed livestock and free range poultry. You can learn more by going to this page about preparing  home made dog food. There is a good, raw dog food recipe.
  2. Premixed frozen raw dog food is convenient and easy to find in good independent pet stores. You will find a wide variety of meat and ground bones blended with a small amount of fruit and vegetables frozen. This is typically called a B.A.R.F. diet or Bones And Raw Food or, Biologically Appropriate Raw Food.  You will also find specialty foods such as green tripe, chicken's feet and organs such as liver, kidneys, heart, lung etc. Premixed raw food diet blends usually come in patties, nuggets and bricks, and tend to be more expensive because the work has been done for you. Learn more about the premixed raw dog food that I use.
  3. Prey Model Raw is based on the fact that dogs as a species are carnivorous predators, and would kill a rabbit or bring down a deer, if given half a chance. So this is feeding raw by giving the whole carcass of a prey animal to your dog, meaning whole chicken, or whole rabbit or a side of lamb for example. 
  4. Dehydrated Raw Dog Food is simply a raw food diet blend that has had the moisture removed. To reconstitute it, you will have to add the water back in according to the directions. This is a good raw food choice if you don't have enough freezer space, or when traveling. It is very convenient, but expensive.

Feeding Dogs a Raw Food Diet Summary

So that's it in a nutshell. You will have some research work to do, to make the best raw dog food choice for your dog. You will need extra freezer space. If you are considering switching your dog to a raw meat diet, here are some guidelines for starting a raw food diet that will help you make the transition easy for you, and your dog. will be well worth it.

Guidelines for Transitioning to Raw Dog Food

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