The Best Easy Healthy Dog Treats

Your dog deserves the best healthy dog treats. If you spend time on the internet researching the topic of dog treats, you'll quickly become overwhelmed! Some recipes might produce tasty dog treats that smell good to your dog, but are they really healthy for your domestic carnivore?

I've spent a lot of time researching recipes for healthy dog treats. I  wasn't able to find many that are really healthy. Frankly, dogs don't care if dog snacks are healthy, or not. It's all food to them, but I care. Do you care?

Call me crazy, but what would be the point of feeding your dog the best dog food you can afford, and then spoiling that by giving him dog treats that have the potential to cause dog health problems and contain ingredients such as...

  • sugar ( honey, maple syrup, agave, brown rice syrup, cane sugar, etc. )
  • flour ( grains and starches )
  • commercial peanut butter ( toxic molds )
  • fruits ( raise blood glucose too high, too quickly )
  • milk products ( especially ice cream. Many dogs are lactose ( milk sugar ) intolerant )
  • color ( dye )
  • preservatives ( need I say more? )

When you buy dog snacks at the store, are you really paying attention to ingredients? Don't be fooled by packaging and words that promise more than they deliver.

Healthy dog treats made from the above ingredients are not healthy or holistic, and it doesn't matter if those same ingredients are organic. They're not appropriate foods for your dog, organic or not!

Doggie Treats Are Extra Food!

Dog treats must be considered part of your dog's diet because they are an additional source of calories. Are you giving dog snacks because it makes YOU feel good? Are you really thinking about your dog? Have you considered the possible ill effect all those treats may be having on the health of your dog?

So, ask yourself. Why am I giving my dog treats? Have you ever asked yourself that question? Your dog needs a treat because...

  • he likes it?
  • he deserves a training reward?
  • you're having a snack and you think the dog needs one too?
  • this is how you show love to your dog?

Now, don't get me wrong, I love my dogs too, but what's more important? The way YOU feel, or the health of your dog? Is it all about YOU, or is it about doing the right thing for your dog? Dog treats add extra calories to your dog's daily intake. Is your dog too fat?

More often than not, dog treats are made with poor ingredients that lack nutrient value. That's a double whammy! Extra calories and very few nutrients. If you have an overweight dog, or one who has health problems, you might want to stop for a moment and think about this.

Here are some fresh ideas for how to upgrade the food quality of your dog's diet. Using fresh food meat treats gives your dog increased nutrients while keeping calories low.

 Fresh Ideas for Healthy Dog Treats
High in Nutrients
Low in Calories

There is very likely a grocery store not too far from your home. At the grocery store you can easily find these perfect, healthy dog treat ingredients. Simple whole foods which are very economical. Even if you are a kibble feeder, you can add some of these healthy dog treats into your dog's daily food intake without fear and here's why.

  • naturally healthy and raw
  • low in calories
  • perfect diabetic dog treats
  • can be frozen and thawed in individual size packets accordingly
  • can be dehydrated to preserve raw goodness
  • very inexpensive

Chicken gizzards ~ fresh, frozen, dehydrated
Sardines ~ canned or fresh
Chicken hearts ~ fresh, frozen, dehydrated
Beef heart ~ sliced fresh, diced, frozen, dehydrated
Dehydrated chicken gizzards
dehydrated sardines
dehydrated chicken hearts
Beef tongue ~ sliced fresh, diced, frozen, dehydrated

If you are lucky enough to own a high quality food dehydrator like I do, the sky's the limit. You can make doggie treats for your beloved dog, using meat and  organs meats easily found at the grocery store. You can provide your dog with healthy snacks that are nutrient rich and carnivore specific. Dehydrated meats and organ meats have a great crunch too. Dogs love the crunch, and that's good for keeping teeth clean.

Dog Treats for Good Dogs!

Dog treats should be given on special occasions only and not all the time, as a matter of habit. Give treats infrequently and only for a specific reason when your dog has been very, very good.

These are only a few great ideas for healthy dog treats you can prepare at home. They are real food, remember that! If you just can't help yourself and want to give your dog treats that are more ' treat ' like, get excellent dog treat recipes here.

The Healthy Hound Dog Treat Recipes and Holistic Snacks for Your New Age Pooch


Bon Appetit!

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