Question About Aussiedoodle With Yeast Infection and Cytopoint

by Laurie

I just started my 40 lb 2 year old Aussie Doodle, Blanca, on a yeast infection cleanse this past Monday morning. We are in day 4. She became lethargic/lacking her usual energy and spark yesterday. Clearly not feeling well.

I am doing a yeast infection diet and supplements, ( don't want to name names ) as well.

She has been on monthly Cytopoint injections since June. Is that a bad combination? Should we discontinue these now or wait a few months while her body stabilizes to the new diet? Blanca was getting the injections because she was getting hot spots, fungal infections in her paws and ear infections. So far the Cytopoint injections have halted any more I flare ups, but I decided I didn’t want to have to do monthly shots forever and they weren’t solving her underlying problems.

Are the injections ok for now or should we stop them?

Thank you!

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Nov 11, 2019
Comment to Anonymous About Cytopoint
by: Sandra

Thank you for your very articulate and compassionate submission. I truly appreciate your honest and forthcoming feelings about your experience with, and reasons for using, Cytopoint.

It is always my intention to keep the dialogue open, so people can participate in the conversation and get the help they need to make an informed decision about dog health issues, and the options available for remedy.

First I want to say that I fully appreciate your desire to help your senior dog have the best life possible in the time remaining. Gosh...don't we all want that for our dogs.

My big concern about Cytopoint is more for younger dogs such as the 4 year old Aussiedoodle in the original submission on this page. Hopefully, this dog has many more years to enjoy life.

Since the jury is still out on the long term use effects of Cytopoint, no one knows for sure how young dogs may be affected over the course of time.

Cytopoint targets one very specific part of immune function which usually solves the itch problem, but also has the ability to alter the regulation of blood cell production, as well as impairing defense against other pathogens...and who knows what else?

So where does this leave dogs later in life? Will they be able to defend themselves against other serious and chronic health issues?

As someone who has worked for many years, helping people help their dogs be naturally healthy, I am fully aware of the risks involved with long term drug intervention therapies for dog health problems of all kinds.

So, it's not that I want to tell people to NOT use these drugs, but only that the increased risk of other serious and chronic health issues is often waiting later on, as the dog ages.

So gathering information and increasing awareness, is always my priority so people can make a wise, informed choice in the same way you have.

Regret, is not a nice emotion. Hindsight is a great teacher. I speak to many people daily, who regret and wish they had never started drugs such as Cytopoint, Apoquel and Prednisone, many others. Short term gain for long term pain, seems to be a common unfortunate experiential refrain.

A person's experience, influences and impacts decision making in this regard. No one wants to see their dog suffer with horrible itching and discomfort. I just prefer to avoid the suffering completely from the get go.

Since I have always lived with dogs who live long lives free of disease and health issues, I have to look at that and ask...why is my experience so different than most other people with dogs?

My experience over a lifetime has provided the answer to that question. Here is my answer.

I NEVER start drugs of any kind at all. I work from puppyhood, or ( when ever a dog comes into my home ), to build immune function and keep the toxic load low, by feeding an appropriate raw food diet, using some targeted supplements to support body systems, and eliminating vaccines and chemical pest products.

These decisions have worked for me for more years than I want to tell you, and my healthy dogs live the proof throughout their long, disease free lives. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thank you again Anonymous, for your heartfelt and informed comment. I truly appreciate your open and honest thoughts on this topic.


Nov 11, 2019
Dog Nutrition Naturally
by: Emma

Dog Nutrition Naturally is literally the BEST Pet Care community anywhere, I read it everyday, and i'm also so grateful I found, it helped me to teach my dog basic obedience commands and solve an uncontrollable dog's behaviour problems, hope it helps some others!

Nov 10, 2019
Cytopoint fan
by: Anonymous

My dogs immune system, I have absolutely no doubt was compromised by over vaccinating until I became enlightened. Titer now, no vacs, no chemical anything. Raw organic diet, cleared if any and all yeast with a lot of attention and dedication. Still itchy. Cytopoint changed his life and made his life happy and carefree. We are living for now and now he is full of beans and really happy at u13 years of age. I have pondered at length....the what if?re the Cytopoint. My answer was what if NOT. He has still had the past 12 months symptom free, happy and so far no side effects. It wouldn’t change it for the world and I am a person totally dedicated to giving my dogs the best natural care possible, enlightenment taught me a lot, and my boys are never sick but I am not prepared to give up his chance for a happy carefree life even it means it ends up being shorter. Quality over quantity and at least we are away from white coats, prednisone, and apoquel.

Nov 10, 2019
Comments on Cytopoint for Dog with Yeast Infection
by: Sandra


First, let me congratulate you for wanting to get to the ' bottom ' of your dog's health problems of itching, hot spots, yeast and ear infections, etc.

Certainly a more appropriate diet change and some supplements can help with this. Since you've only been using your nutrition program for 4 days, that is not nearly long enough to see positive results.

Also, because you are using a cleansing diet and supplement protocol, it is not surprising that your dog is feeling somewhat 'off ' her usual good energy and spark. You can't ask her body to be energetic when it is trying to focus energy on the health problems you are attempting to solve. Sleep, rest, quiet and moderate exercise will help her heal and recover faster. Let her rest!

I can understand your decision to discontinue regular Cytopoint injections. I'm sure your credit card balance is increasing your concern!

The big worry about Cytopoint though, is that the ' safety ' study done to bring this product to market, was only conducted on 36 laboratory dogs for 7 months. Really??? What about all the thousands and thousand of dogs who will be getting these injections for years and years??? Nobody yet knows the long term side effects of a drug that alters one very specific part of the immune system. Will our pet dogs pay the long term price for rushing to solve the itch problem. Very likely! Once bitten, twice the saying goes!

Like you, many people have dogs who itch and scratch and mutilate themselves to tatters, attempting to scratch the horrible, life destroying itch away!

So the big question is...Why would a dog ( or person ) have an immune system that's so confused about how to handle an invading allergen, pathogen or any other type of microorganism from food, the environment or anywhere else?

In my humble opinion, ( not that you asked ) you can trace the whole thing back to your dog's vaccine history.

Try to think back to see when your dog's health problems started and try to relate that to when and how often vaccines were administered. Whether you can or can't see a relationship between vaccines and your dog's health problems, it's for certain now, that your dog IS NOT a candidate for more vaccines because she is NOT healthy! Any responsible vet would know this!

If Blanca were my dog, I would stop the Cytopoint, buckle down and work to improve her immune function. Feed appropriately for the canine species ( carnivore ) and no more vaccines.

It may take the rest of Blanca's life to correct her health problems but at least there will be no more chemical assault. I wish you the best of luck. It will be a journey for you to get her back to the good health she was born to enjoy!


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