Labradoodle 4 - Is It a Detox Rash?

by Stella

Hi Sandra,

So pleased I found this site. I do hope you can help.

I transitioned from a 80% meat canned diet to raw about 6 months ago (as he kept having very loose stools).

My dog got a yeast infection in his ear. I quickly realized one of the new "raw products" had wheatgerm in and removed it (he has never had grain), added MCT (Caprylic Acid) and Pau d'arco and fish oil, and it cleared up.

I kept on with the supplements, and a week later he got little lumps around groin and inside of back legs with thickening to skin.

I was very worried, went to the vets and Jasper has just yesterday finished a week of antibiotics. Most bumps have scabbed over but it has by no means cleared up. He wasn't scratching, and his energy was fine (until he had the antibiotics).

I am now thinking that it could be a detox rash? I thought it might be a reaction to the Pau d'arco, but it could be the opposite with it doing its job?

In the UK most raw food is 80/20 with some veggies and other things. Should I eliminate the carbs and veg altogether? My husband eats almost only meat and thrives on it, so the idea is definitely not foreign to me.

Labradoodles are known to have sensitive digestions.

Do hope you can reply.
Best take him for a walk!

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Nov 20, 2022
Labradoodle With a Rash
by: Sandra

Hi Stella!

Thanks for getting in touch.

Since I too, have a Labradoodle, I'm sure you love him as much as I love our fabulous doodleboy, Teddy!

Sounds to me as if your dog was doing fine on the supplements of MCT, Pau D'arco and fish oil. Not sure how long he was on these? I probably would have added a good quality multi strain probiotic.

My rule of thumb for seeing health improvement using fresh food ( meat, bones, organs, very little veg ) and supplements is loosely, one month for every year, plus three months to balance. So if your dog is 4, that would mean about 7 months, more or less, to solve your dog's problems without any interference from drugs.

Since he was on an antibiotic during this time, and the antibiotic would have helped with any bacterial complication of the the groin rash, it would however, have set him back as far as re-establishing balance within the gut microbiome is concerned. So I feel, as if you've taken one step forward with the supplements and fresh food, and two steps back with the antibiotics. This is not a criticism, just my experience talking. I understand that people worry, and off to the vet they go!

So, if Jasper was living in my house, I would simply start again with the supplements and fresh food, bearing in mind that the antibiotics may have set him back even further...and plod on!

When trying to resolve health problems the natural way, the body will often produce rashes, itching, discharges and other weird symptoms, as a way to eliminate toxins, pathogens and old and dying cellular debris. The skin is the largest organ of elimination...along with other outward pathways, such as ears, eyes, nose, mouth, bowel ( feces ) and urine through the penis.

Mostly, holistic health methods require patience, persistence and simply working with the body's own natural process, inherent intelligence and ability to heal.

Your comment about Labradoodles being known to have sensitive digestion made me laugh! My experience has been just the opposite, since they are part Lab...and Labs are known for eating anything that's not nailed down! LOL!

Hope that helps, Stella,

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