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My senior Shih Tzu (11yo) is allergic to beef and chicken.

Any other protein suggestions?

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Feb 01, 2019
Alternatives to beef and chicken for protein sensitive dogs
by: Sandra


Since your senior Shih Tzu is sensitive to beef and chicken, the most common proteins found in commercial dogs foods, you will have to look for alternative protein sources and maybe even exotic novel proteins.

Start by looking for a dog food that contains turkey, lamb, duck, pork or salmon. These should be easier to find.

You can also continue to research more exotic proteins such as bison, emu, rabbit, kangaroo, venison, whitefish.

It might be a good idea also to search for a limited ingredient( only one protein source ) dog food, to make your search less confusing.

...and while were talking about it, consider looking for premium quality dog food that is grain and starch free.

Best of luck,

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