Yeast infection

by Mandeep
(India )

My dog is having very bad itching and red spots on his body.
He is licking biting himself.

I have tried every medicine on him and still his condition is getting worse.

Please help me out. I can't see him suffering everyday.

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Jul 09, 2020
Your dog with Yeast Infection
by: Sandra

Hello Mandeep,

Thanks for sharing your concerns about your yeasty dog.

The first thing to realize is that all the medicine you have used to solve your dog's health problems have actually helped to contribute to his present worse condition.

This is not your fault. It's what everyone is brainwashed to do...use drugs to get rid of the symptoms of any, all, and every health problem.

This conventional approach to dealing with health problems goes against the laws of nature and how the body heals itself.

Your lovely dog, was born perfect. His body and how it functions is a true miracle.

Your dog is suffering now, because of what was done in the name of helping him. Although the intention was good, the results were not, and now you are living with those results, and more importantly...your dog is living with those unfortunate results.

The only thing to do about this is to stop doing all the things that have contributed to the problem.

Stop using drugs, they are meant to help but they are very toxic. Stop vaccinating your sick dog. Your dog's immune system is already confused. If you are feeding a commercial dog food, start introducing some fresh whole foods into your dog's diet. Get some meat, bones and organs to feed your dog.

Since you live in India, if I were you, I would find a good Ayurvedic healer and forget about conventional veterinary medicine.

Ask for some Ayurvedic remedies to help your dog detoxify and calm his poor immune system. Put the remedies in your dogs food and let his body heal slowly over time. Your dog will continue to suffer while that's happening, but it will happen.

Ayurvedic has been in use for thousands of years. Take advantage of this knowledge to help the miracle that is your dog...heal himself.

There will be some suffering. This is a part of life, but better health is within reach if you help your dog in this way.

I wish you and your dog, the gift of health and wellness.


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