Question about getting my dogs gut back to healthy


Are there any supplements I should be giving my dog to help his gut get back to normal?

Right now I have missing link for skin, coat and digestion.

He is a 20lb schnauzer/poodle mix that is 9 years old. He has had horrible allergies for the last 4 years. We had him on apoquel but it just recently stopped working and we took him off it slowly then like your article said he just exploded in horrible reactions.

I just did his first fast for about 40 hours and he has been on a totally raw food chicken diet for 4 years. We have had him on missing link supplements for the last 1 year.

So after the fast (which ended last night) we switched him to Instinct BEEF raw food. I give him 3oz per day. I also feed him 1 tsp of unrefined coconut oil in the afternoon.

I used to give him sancho & lola's all natural 6" thin bully sticks and turbo pup turkey and cranberry dehydrated treats and the chicken meatballs until I read your article. Now I don't give him anything extra.

I attached pictures of his paws and stomach which are pretty much like this regularly. His paws are better in the morning and they get worse throughout the day. Today they seem much better but still pink and flaky. His paws and stomach are constantly peeling and flaking. I just bought this cream called ResQ and it has manuka honey in it with other moisturizers and it definitely has helped with the flaking on his tummy. I put it on his tummy twice a day (morning and night) after washing his paws and tummy first.

I'm willing to do whatever is necessary since I have been apparently doing everything wrong thus far.

I just had his allergy test done and found out he was allergic to a fungus called: Candida Albicans and that's what lead me to your website.

I still can't believe, the 3 vets that I went to could not come up with this and after the allergy test it took me 10 minutes of looking up each thing he was allergic to to find out his problem.

I keep a tshirt on him to keep the cream from getting dirty with outside elements and I keep socks on him and walk him in booties to help protect him right now (as pictured)

Any feedback you can give me will be very helpful. I am only going to give him the treats you have recommended but I am curious if there is some kind of supplement I should be adding to his food or if there are any other suggestions you have. I am going to do a 24 hour fast each week for at least the next month and see how he progresses.

Thank you so much in advance. I really appreciate any and all advice.

Tara & Muki

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Jul 26, 2019
Any supplements?
by: Tara

My little baby is just miserable, I included 2 pictures (emailed them to you), one of his swollen right ear and the other of his right swollen eye. Is there anything I should be doing to help him. He's miserable and itching his ear and eye and shaking his head all day. I'm icing them 3 times a day to give him a little relief but he just so uncomfortable. I would really appreciate any suggestions.
Thank you.
Tara & Muki

Jul 22, 2019
Little dog with Candida
by: Sandra

Hi Tara,

Thank you for getting in touch.

You are headed in the right direction now but there is much more to know. I will email you with more info on how to help your adorable little dog.

Don't lose hope!

Best regards,

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