Fleas on Dogs
A Pet Owners Dilemma

If there are fleas on dogs, that means there are fleas in the house. Yes, you can't have one without the other. The last thing our pets need are fleas and flea bites, and the last thing we need are fleas in the house. Humans can get flea bites, too. So watch out!

Here's What Fleas Look Like?

This guy makes me feel itchy just looking at him. So, if there are fleas on dogs, then everyone will be scratching...not just the dog!

Also, our dogs do not need the health problems that come with pests such as dog fleas and cat fleas, and believe me, you don't want a flea infestation your home.

An entire industry is dedicated to solving the flea problem for you. These products have a job to do, but you should also know that the chemicals used, are poisoning our pets. Conventional flea control uses insecticides.

Local pet stores have racks of chemical flea products. The vet’s office is just waiting for your yearly stock up of Revolution flea control, Advantage flea medicine, or Frontline flea and tick treatment.

Pesticide services are standing by, just in case the problem gets so bad that your home needs to be fumigated. Horrors!You should be aware that Insecticides are # 2 on the list of Top 10 Dog Poisons

Despite the use of these harsh, chemical, pest control products for pets, our dogs and cats are still getting fleas and ticks. So what's the point in using them? Are we poisoning our pets for nothing?

I want you to know that there are better, more natural, alternative solutions for natural flea control. These methods can help you get rid of fleas on dogs and fleas in the house, once and for all. They work for repelling ticks and mosquitoes too.

Here's a short youtube video you can watch to learn more. I'm talking about chemical pesticide flea treatments compared to natural products that work just as well, and keep your dogs healthy at the same time. Some house cleaning tips too!

Fleas on Dogs Cause
Dog Health Problems

Fleas are blood sucking parasites. They will seek out the weak. Fleas, ticks and mosquitoes need a blood meal to survive and lay their eggs. They are attracted to your dog's body heat and body odor.

Fleas and ticks, and other biting insects such as mosquitoes, always seem to prefer an unhealthy animal as host. Small and sick animals are particularly at risk. Fleas will invade an animal that is improperly nourished, sick and weak, toxic or stressed.

This is where good canine nutrition plays an important part. Good, nutritious, healthy natural food, will go a long way toward keeping your dog's Immune System healthy and functioning optimally.

Fleas are dangerous because they pose a health risk to humans and animals both. Fleas are responsible for causing...

  • flea allergy dermatitis
  • flea bite anemia
  • tapeworms

Fleas are particularly tough and resilient, and plentiful. If a male and female flea are placed in a new home, and given adequate food, such as the blood from your dog or cat, they will breed. This has the potential to produce a population of millions of fleas, in less than a month. Yikes!!!

How scary is that?

Statistics indicate, that for all the advances made in chemical flea treatments, our pets are more plagued by this problem today, than ever before. In part, for those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere, that seems to be a result of changing weather patterns and global warming. Fleas are now able to have more hatching life cycles before the frost of coming winter.

However, mostly it’s because when we douse our pets with chemicals to repel their fleas, we weaken their Immune Systems, making them even more vulnerable next season.

Given how awesomely adaptable fleas as parasites are to toxins, we know that sooner or later they will develop a tolerance to, and perhaps even thrive on, the chemicals we now use to get rid of them them. This is not unlike the problem we now face with bacteria and virus mutation, due to the overuse of antibiotics.

That's Mother Nature for you. She will find a way to thrive, regardless!

Suggestions For Getting Rid of Fleas

So, I want to offer you some natural alternative choices for getting rid of fleas and preventing bug bites from other biting insects too. My dogs and cats never have a flea problem, and my house is flea free !

The ultimate goal is getting your pets healthy enough that fleas will not be attracted to them at all. Wouldn't that be nice! Here are a few things you can do to improve the level of health your dog is experiencing. If your dog is healthy, he will be less likely to get fleas.

Here is an excellent, helpful guide on how to get rid of fleas naturally.

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The Truth About Fleas On Dogs

Holistic natural flea control for your pet is less expensive in the long run and won't harm your dog's health.

You will save money if you don't buy those nasty, toxic and potentially poisonous insecticide chemicals used for flea control.

The bonus is that you will spend less time and dollars at the vet looking for solutions to flea related dog health problems. The bottom line is that, it is ultimately better for your pet’s general good health to refrain from using chemicals.

Flea bite season does not have to scare you!

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