Nutritional Health Supplements 
for Dogs
Yes or No?

Can nutritional health supplements help your dog? There seems to be two thoughts as far as this topic is concerned. 

  1. Some people think that because most commercial dog food already comes with dog vitamins added, that no extra supplementation is needed. Many people trust the dog food manufacturer, the AAFCO and other regulatory bodies, to make sure pets have all they need as far as dog nutrition is concerned.
  2. Some people see that there are a lot of sick dogs, despite the fact that pet foods are supposed to be balanced, nutritionally complete and already come with supplements added. They have a sick dog of their own, and don't know how to overcome dog health problems. They already use nutritional health supplements, that aren't working.

Where do you sit on this issue? Do you need help?

Please Help My Dog!

At Dog Nutrition Naturally, I have the opportunity to personally speak to people who are coping with dog health problems. My inbox is filled with contacts from people who have sick dogs.

Usually, I am the last resort.

Everyone has tried the conventional medicine approach. Everyone has tried the supplemental approach on their own, without guidance. They simply don't know what to do, or how to do it. People need help. Their problems are all different, but there are some common themes.

Before I can help these caring dog owners I need some information:

  • General information about the dog, such as age, breed, weight
  • Past and current feeding protocols
  • A brief health history
  • Veterinary diagnosis ( I'm not a doctor ) and treatment recommendations if any.
  • Drugs and or supplements used, now and previously

Common Questions
About Vitamin and Mineral Supplements
Herbal Remedies for Your Dog

  1. Does my dog need nutritional health supplements for general health maintenance?
  2. How do I use vitamin and mineral supplements and herbal remedies to solve my dog's specific health problems?
  3. Is my dog nutritionally deficient in one or more dog vitamin?
  4. Which is better? Herbal remedies for dogs or dog multivitamins?
  5. How long will it take to bring my dog from an unhealthy dog to the healthy dog he used to be?

Some Reasons Why
Dogs Need
Nutritional  Health Supplements

I believe dogs are like people. Each one is different.

  • Some dogs have health problems from birth
  • To make up for poor canine nutrition
  • The mother dog herself, was malnourished or sick.
  • Puppies are often taken away from the mother too soon, and don't have full immunity
  • Many people have rescue dogs. Who knows what their story is?
  • The dog has specific health problems that need to be address in a targeted way

The causes of dog health problems are many and varied, and dog nutrition from food, is not always as good as it should be.  So for these reasons, I choose to use nutritional health supplements as a way to get extra cellular nutrition. This is especially important if you have...

  • a puppy from questionable circumstances
  • a rescue dog with an unknown history
  • a sick dog
  • a dog with long term chronic health issues
  • a healthy dog that is aging
  • a senior dog

 A Dog Supplement Program
Needs to Cover 7 Critical Core Components

Understanding that your dog is a carnivore with specific nutrition requirements, it is important to make sure that canine nutrition is met in the following way. These vital nutrition components can be met by combining a good raw dog food with high quality nutritional health supplements for extra cellular nutrition.

If you're feeding a commercial dry dog food or cooked homemade dog food, then using nutritional health supplements is absolutely necessary because heat and cooking destroys nutrients, and commercial food is processes containing an incomplete dog vitamin and mineral premix. High quality nutritional health supplements for your dog will meet all seven critical core components and nutritional needs more completely.

  1. Vitamins: The best way for your dog to get vitamin compounds is through food, because vitamins work together with other nutrients. Unfortunately our food supply is lacking, both in nutrient content and freshness, even if you are making your own dog food.
  2. Enzymes: Are natural components of living things, and are found naturally in raw food, both animal and vegetable. Heat from cooking deactivates and destroys enzymes. Even worse, processed commercial food contains enzyme inhibitors to increase shelf life. Enzymes work synergistically together with minerals.
  3. Probiotics: We often think of bacteria as something bad that needs to be killed off and eliminated. Nothing could be further from the truth. A proper balance of good and bad bacteria is essential to health and life. There are hundreds of strains of bacteria that live in your dog's intestinal system, making up his own private ecosystem. This bacterial balance  can easily be destroyed by drugs, vaccines and in complete diets. Probiotics help to restore the natural balance of your dog's intestinal  microflora. It all starts in the gut!
  4. Antioxidants: These nutrients protect your dogs' body from free radicals that create oxidative damage to cells. Oxidation ' rusting ' is what causes the body to deteriorate, developing degenerative diseases as your dog ages.
  5. Fatty acids: Dogs need fat to be healthy. Fats are important for brain and nerves, heart and immune function, healthy skin and coat to name just a few. Some fatty acids are produced naturally by your dog's body, and some must be gotten from food. Fatty acids are essential for the absorption of certain vitamins.
  6. Minerals: The body is made of minerals. Literally! Healthy bodies are connected to healthy soil. If any mineral element is missing from the soil, then it will be missing from food, whether that be animal food ( meat ) or plant food. Soil depletion has a profound effect on the nutrient value of food for dogs and people.
  7. Superfoods: Are nutritionally dense whole foods from both animal and plant sources, that supply complex substances containing thousands of micronutrients, which are chemicals necessary for health. Examples of superfoods for dogs would be: organ meats ( animal source ) and herbs/herbal combinations ( plant source )

Critical Core Components Supplement Program for Every Dog

Summing up
Nutritional Health Supplements

Using whole foods and a meat based diet specific to canine nutrition needs, together with herbs ( plants ) which are food too, do a much better job of meeting the diverse nutrient requirements for dogs.

Herbs have also been used historically as natural health remedies for specific health problems for both people and dogs. Wild dogs will forage and select whole plant foods and eat them in small amounts. In this way, they are able to maintain health naturally from what Mother Nature supplies.

Herbal remedies for dogs and other types of high quality nutritional dog supplements can be used for many different purposes, such as:

  • maintaining and sustaining good general health
  • an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure
  • cleansing
  • boosting immunity
  • alternative to chemical pest control
  • bacterial and viral infections
  • parasites
  • healthy aging to promote longevity
  • addressing specific dog health problems

We all need nutritional health supplements. This is the best way to ensure good health over the long term. We all want to grow old gracefully. We all want to stay active and enjoy life on our terms. So does your dog. Good health is his birthright. It's all up to you. Your dog depends on you to make excellent choices for him.

7 Critical CORE Components Criteria

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