Why All Natural Pet Products
Are Important for Your Dog

All natural pet products are safe and effective.  Natural dog care products keep your dog protected from the huge, toxic effect of household cleaning products, grooming aids and chemical bug repellent products for dangerous, biting insect pests.

Natural pet products, dog care products, fleas on dogs, healthier products for petsElla and her friend enjoying their flea/tick and heartworm free life!

Our pets are having more and more, allergic reactions to environmental stimuli than ever before. Speaking of the environment, I am quite fond of this planet, aren't you? Wouldn't you really like to see more products that are free of chemicals and therefore, a lot healthier for this world we all live in. Come on. We can do better!

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Natural Resources Defense Council on Harmful Pet Products

Chemical Dog Care Products
and Chemical Homecare Products
are Risky

What's the point of working hard to get your dog healthy again naturally, and then using poisonous chemical products around the house and on your dog. No sense in that!

Common household cleaning products, chemical air freshener products, laundry detergents, personal grooming products and most other products used in and around the home are very toxic and not good for anyone. Cumulatively over time, these chemical products put a heavy burden on the liver's ability to detox.

The less of these dangerous products you can use on a daily basis, the better. Your pets are even more at risk. Their bodies are smaller and their feet are on the floor without protection. Think about this the next time you see your dog licking his paws.

Natural pet productsDogs and kitties are smaller and so their toxic risk is higher

Conventional Flea and Tick Prevention

The risks of chemical based insecticide treatments for pest control are well documented. These ' meds ' are the worst and most dangerous chemical concoctions your dog could ever be exposed to. In fact they're not even medicine. They're chemical pesticides. This includes ' spot on ' flea and tick control products that are applied to the neck of dogs and cats.

Edible ( put in the food ) heart worm preventative products are just as bad, maybe even worse because your dog's body must process them through the digestive tract. The adverse consequences from chemical pesticide flea/tick/heartworm control can include...

  • mild to serious skin irritation
  • digestive upset
  • nervous system malfunction and seizures
  • and even death

Your small dog is at higher risk! So much poison insecticide put into such a small body. Don't forget that insecticides are # 4 on the list of dog poisons.

Don't be fooled into thinking you need expensive, chemical flea and tick control products and heart worm prevention ' meds '. No you don't! There are excellent, effective and healthier alternative natural pet products that don't put your pet at high risk for harmful side effects. Learn more about my favorite natural pet products here.

Reduce the Risks of Toxic Overload
While Keeping Your House Clean and Your Dog Healthy

Here are three ways to keep your dog safe and healthy and your home clean. The results are certainly worth it, and you won't put your dog at risk from harmful chemicals.

Here's what to do.

  1. Use safe, effective, budget wise natural house care products for cleaning and laundry.
  2. Use dog grooming products and dog shampoo that are chemical free and effective for repelling biting insects such as fleas, ticks and mosquitos.
  3. Use your Flea and Tick Prevention Toolkit

Do these steps in combination to reduce the health risks from chemical household products and dangerous bugs bites such as:

The Benefits of Using
All Natural Pet Products

We must all work together to protect our precious environment. We also have to beat those biting insects at their own game. Let's fight back and reduce the risks in a healthy natural way that reaps huge environmental and health benefits and also protects your dog from the dangers of heavy toxic overload from household products, chemical pet care products and pest control.

  • protect our pets
  • protect people
  • protect the environment

Here are the two most important things you can do for your dog to improve general health, protect him against toxic, chemical overload and prevent the health risk from all parasites:

  1. feed an appropriate raw food diet,
  2. use products in your home and on your dog that are free of chemicals

These things are easy to do and easy to use. Natural pet products and natural household products are:

  • very effective
  • smell fabulous
  • easy on our precious environment
  • cost less

Give them a go.  Enter your email address to find out what I use, and how I do it. I'm sure you will fall in love!

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