All Natural Dog Food
The Basis of Good Health

The topic of all natural dog food is worthy of discussion. Dog nutrition is the most important factor in achieving and maintaining good health for your dog. So how do you decide what is the best natural dog food?

Everybody is an expert. I have my own ideas too, about how to feed dogs. I hope I can help you see my reasoning.

All natural dog food is at the core of good health for dogs.Happy, Healthy Hooligans!

If you talk to your vet, watch the ads on TV, chat with your friends, or surf the web for information on the best dog food, you will come away more confused than when you started. There are as many different opinions on what and how to feed dogs, as there are dogs on the face of the earth.

The dog food recall scandals of the last decade or so, have brought this to the forefront of the news media. Be aware that pet food recalls are still happening today. Regularly, you will hear on the news that yet another dog food manufacturer is in trouble. Nothing has changed. All of these troublesome dog food companies claimed to be selling ' all natural dog food '. Really?

So let's start by asking this question.

What Exactly Does 'All Natural' Dog Food 

So let's be clear. Any food that comes in a bag, box or can is not all natural food. It's processed food. Let me say that again. Any dog food that comes in a bag, box or can is not all natural dog food. It's processed dog food. It really doesn't matter if the original dog food ingredients were good or bad, fresh and all natural, or not!

The end result after processing and manufacturing, makes the product you buy at the store, not in any way natural. So don't fool yourself.

The term ' all natural ' is a marketing gimmick. These are words that are meant to make you think you're getting something you're not getting!

All natural dog food is fresh, whole food that hasn't been cooked, processed or changed in any way. That's the bottom line!

The truth is that Mother Nature is the only one who can provide real, all natural dog food. In the wild, healthy dog food would be completely raw, freshly killed prey such as a deer, a rabbit, bird or rodent. I'm sorry if you are vegetarian or vegan and don't want to hear this. Dog's are carnivores. That's the bottom line.

So, to make a long story short, the closer the food is to it's natural raw state, the better it will be for your dog. This is how wild dogs stay healthy. They eat the food that Mother Nature provides for them. True, natural canine nutrition that helps maintain a balanced state of health.

Survival or Thrival!

Why are there so many sick dogs? Look around? Ask your friends? Cancer is now the #1 killer of dogs. Isn't that awful? Are these dogs thriving or surviving? Are they flourishing or simply existing? There could be many potential reasons for this, such as...

  • environmental changes
  • too many toxic drugs and vaccines
  • emotional and physical stress
  • diet and nutrition!

Just because dogs will eat everything including the kitchen sink, doesn't mean the kitchen sink will produce a healthy dog. So just because dogs may be able to eat foods other than meat, bones and organs and survive, does not mean that they will THRIVE!

Definition of survive - to exist

Definition of thrive - to flourish

Omnivores vs Carnivores

Many people today believe that dogs are Omnivores, since they are able to eat many different kinds of food besides a meat based diet. Over the last 14,000 to 35,000 years dogs have evolved living close to human populations and their garbage dumps. Many studies support the idea that dogs now, as a result of this close contact with humans and our food, have a different DNA structure than wolves and so, are able to eat and assimilate foods other than a meat based diet.

If you're like me, you'll understand that dogs are, at the root of their DNA, still Carnivores. This means that they are by nature, still meat eaters, like the wild wolves in the picture above. Wolves and dogs and all of their canine kin, have been eating this all natural raw dog food for over 50 million years. That's a mighty long time folks! Far longer than the 100 years or so, that commercial dog food and kibble have been around, and by the way, 15,000 years ago human food garbage did not consist of burgers and fries, donuts and pizza crust leftovers!

Do You Want Your Dog to Thrive?

Of course you do. You want your dog to flourish, not just exist. You want your dog to be healthy for life while avoiding serious health concerns, like cancer. Heaven Forbid!

So, realizing that dogs will thrive on a meat based diet, and without getting any further into the carnivore/omnivore controversy, here's how you can make sure your dog will thrive and flourish.

  • Provide the best dog nutrition you can afford.
  • Provide the best all natural dog food that conveniently fits your busy lifestyle.
  • Start slowly, but don't wait! Add some fresh foods, today.

The bottom line is that the ageless, timeless, all natural diet provided by Mother Nature is and always has been, the main basis for good health for all dogs, wild or domestic. Does that make sense to you?

Taking your own personal lifestyle and financial capabilities into account, and hoping you want to improve the quality of food you serve your dog, here are my 10 most frequently asked dog questions about feeding dogs.

You can start slowly using all natural dog food options will build and sustain your healthy dog for life!

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