How to Have a Healthy Dog for Life

Your best friend was born to be a healthy dog. It is his birthright to live a happy, healthy, stress free life. It is your job as his caregiver, to make sure that happens. So here's how to ensure you will always have a healthy dog for life.

How to have a healthy dog for lifeTyrone

 Strive for Balance Everyday

Mother Nature is always working to restore and maintain a state of health. Health means a state of balance in all things. This is called homeostasis. Here is the definition of homeostasis as it applies to health.

  • Health is a condition where all the tissues and organ systems of the body are functioning in a normal manner.
  • Disease is a lack of normal functioning in any body tissue, organ or organ system of the body.

Homeostasis is the true nature of life, whether it be your dog's state of health, or the state of the world and the environment in which we all live. As humans, we tend to mess things up, even though our intentions are good. We are very fortunate that Mother Nature is forgiving. She always strives to restore balance.

Here's How To Have a Healthy Dog for Life

Your dog is the whole of his body, mind and spirit. The same as you! Knowing this, I'm sure you want your dog to live the happiest, healthiest life he can, while he has the chance.

On average dogs live 1/6th as long as humans, about 12 years only. Far short of the 72 years the average human will live. So, there is no time to lose. His life is in your hands. You are the source of all things. Your dog must trust you to make the best choices for him.

Natural dog health seeks to restore and maintain the original good canine health your dog was born to enjoy. If sustaining good health were as simple as taking a drug or a pill, no dog would be ill. Every dog would be a healthy dog! To live in a balanced state of health, a dog needs these things every day. So do we!

  • Nutrients
  • Clean water
  • Exercise
  • Fresh air and sunlight
  • Love and a purpose for living

This might seem like a no brainer, but if your dog is deficient in any or all of these things, dog health issues will arise sooner or later. It follows then, that some part of your dog's organs and body systems will be affected eventually. All dog health problems are a result of only these three things.

  1. Injury
  2. Toxicity
  3. Deficiency

Conventional Disease Care
Natural Health Care

This is not a competition. Each type of health care has it's place and works best if used to compliment the other. The biggest problem with conventional veterinary dog health care is that it often treats only the symptom of the disease. This will take care of the outward signs that you can see, and will make you feel better about it, but that won't solve your dog's health problem permanently. This model is called Disease Care and is the opposite of Health Care. The original root cause of your dog's illness will remain untreated.

This where Natural Health Care comes in. As dogs age, cellular dysfunction happens slowly. Often we don't even notice the signs. Disease symptoms indicate a loss of health. By being observant and paying attention to your dog, you can see that all dog health symptoms are clues. The outward symptoms that you can see, indicate that there is a deeper root cause. The real source of the dog health problem is inside your dog's body, but you can't see it. Natural health care strives to restore and maintain natural balance internally.

 Getting Your Dog Healthy Starting Today

You can start today by deciding to make four simple changes. All change will require some effort on your part. There are no easy answers for restoring health, but it all starts with your decision to do it.

Some dog health problems are easier to overcome than others, of course! But that's no excuse for waiting or doing nothing. To have a truly naturally healthy dog, here's what you need to do starting now.

  1. upgrade your dog's diet
  2. feeding dogs 101
  3. understanding canine nutrition
  4. reduce toxicity through daily cleansing
  5. reduce dog stress

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“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit.” (Aristotle)

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