Natural Herbal Remedies for Dogs
Why I love the Benefits

Natural herbal remedies for dogs provide an excellent source of dog nutrition from plants, in whole food form. This is exactly the way Mother Nature intended. Herbs provide your dog with extra health and nutrition benefit and have been used for thousands of years as natural healing remedies when medicinal advantage was required.

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Health with Herbs

Many people find their way to this website because they are searching for natural solutions to their dog health problems. Would that be you, by any chance? 

Every day I get emails from unhappy, worried dog owners. Most of them are at the end of the line trying to solve their chronic dog health issues. Their bank accounts are empty and the dog still has health problems despite many visits to the vet.

Here's where health and herbs go together like  ' hand in glove '. Why? Because herbal remedies are just food in their whole form that provide...

  • essential vitamins
  • minerals
  • trace elements
  • necessary phytonutrients

Dog nutrition naturally, in other words. Isn't that the name of this website? Dog nutrition is so important because food heals, folks! We all eat food to nourish our bodies. That includes dogs!

Natural Herbal Remedies for Dogs
Take Time  to Work

How much time? As much time as your dog needs to heal from the inside, out. This can be a considerable amount of time depending on...

  1. how old your dog is
  2. how long he has had problems
  3. what you've previously done about it

Here's My Rule of Thumb for Natural Healing

It will take the body one month for every year of life, plus three months to balance itself back to good health

For example, if your dog is 5 years of age, then it would be five months plus three months. Eight months in total! And even then, it could be longer depending on those things I mentioned above. Each dog is a different and unique individual.

Some people use their natural herbal remedies herbs for a while, and then quit. Why would you stop? Giving your dog herbs is a healthful thing to do all the time. That's what I do.

Herbs for dogs will keep your dog healthy and help to prevent other dog health issues over time. So I must ask again. Why would you quit using a natural herbal remedy?  

  1. low to no risk
  2. benefits are nutritious and medicinal
  3. cheaper than the vet!

What Exactly Is a Natural Herbal Remedy?

Herb remedies are made from whole plant parts such as seeds, berries, bark, leaves, stems, roots and flowers. They can be used on their own or in combination with other plants or parts of plants, to increase the synergistic, beneficial effect. Herb remedies are available in many forms.

  • raw or dry form
  • capsules or tablets
  • extracts and tinctures
  • essential oils and
  • teas

Many Common Drugs Originated from Plants

In the 19th century, scientists learned how to extract the active chemical components in plants to make compounds which have since become available today, as drugs. Nearly one fourth of all drugs known today originated from plants. An example is aspirin which comes from white willow bark, a common natural health remedy for pain relief.

Here's an interesting article taken from the University of Maryland Medical Centre on Herbal Medicine.

Understanding How to Use
Herbal Remedies For Dogs

I have learned that people use an enormous amount of nutritional health supplements and herbal remedies for dogs. But if they are writing to me about their continuing dog health problems, logic would tell me that much of the money spent on these remedies is going to waste. Why? I think there are three main reasons.

  1. The natural health products used are of poor quality
  2. Uneducated, trusting dog owners haven't a clue about how to use these herbal remedies for dogs properly to obtain maximum benefit.
  3. The products used simply aren't used for long enough to see benefit.

So, I'd like to address these three reasons right now. Let's put your mind at rest. When you contact me in regards to your dog's health, you can be assured that the herbs for dogs I recommend and use myself, are of the highest quality possible. I can tell you more about that.

This website is here for your education. My purpose is to teach you how to use herbal remedies for dogs so you can do it yourself. I'll coach you if you need help. The rest is up to you. Don't give up.

I can give you the best of my knowledge and experience and excellent products that can help you. However, if you don't use what you learn and don't use the natural health remedies for dogs long enough, you won't reach your goal of better health for your dog. You must be committed.

Health and herbs go together naturally. Plants have been used to improve health since long before recorded history. Nothing has changed today. Just because we have drugs today, doesn't mean that plants and natural herbal remedies don't work. They sure do!

High quality, life enhancing plants in the form of herbal remedies for dogs can and do, build better health starting from a deep, core, cellular level. This is the only way true healing can happen. I believe that herb remedies play an important role in this process of healing. Herbs heal. That's the bottom line.

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