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The Dog Nutrition Naturally Newsletter, Issue #5 - March 2, 2016 - Candida Cleanse
March 03, 2016
Can't wait for Spring. It's the best time to cleanse!

Does Your Dog Need a Candida Cleanse?

A Candida Cleanse is one of my most asked for cleanses. People contact me because they have a dog with multiple symptoms such as skin rashes, excessive scratching and itching, ear infections and a really bad body odor. When they Google those symptoms they find out that the candida albicans fungus can cause all of those symptoms, and more.

Sometimes they've even been told by the vet that their dog has a yeast infection. The condition is treated with antibiotics and sometimes even anti fungal drugs, but sooner or later, the persistent candida yeast fungus returns with a vengence. So what to do now?

Here's Pager again...

Pager is my poster boy for cleansing. He has had a lot of experience with this. When Pager first came to live with us he had full blown candida albicans and a secondary fungal infection called Malasezzia, too. His symptoms were many and varied. For example:

  • He smelled terrible
  • His ears were infected
  • He had lost a lot of hair
  • He was scratching alot
  • He had patches of thick, black, elephant like skin on his legs where he had lost the hair
  • He had weepy, red, skin on his throat and under his arms
Pager lived with us for several weeks before I decided to do anything. I wanted to observe him. It is important to note that Pager came to live with us in early Spring of that year. It was still cold out. But an interesting thing happened a bit later!

When the first dandelions started to appear, Pager would go outside, pull the fresh new dandelions out of the ground as best he could and eat them all, including the yellow flowers.

Interestingly, at least to me, dandelion has a long history of use as a spring cleansing food and tonic. Dandelion is considered a bitter herb that causes the body to produce more bile, flushing accumulated waste out of the liver. Did this dog know what he was doing, or what???

Supporting the liver is always an integral part of any effective cleanse.

My Cue to Start the Candida Cleanse

When I saw that Pager was eating dandelions, I knew that he was strong enough, and ready to start his candida cleanse. So we began!

Pager continued to eat dandelions every spring for several years thereafter. Even though he had improved tremendously by then, he instinctively knew that dandelions were good for him. I expect this year when the new dandelions are blooming, that Pager will help himself to a few.

Another Dog With Candida Albicans

I thought you might be interested to see another dog that we're currently working with. We're helping Freddie overcome candida albicans and other secondary fungal infections. It would seem that his yeast infection is the least of his problems, considering Freddie's history of abuse and neglect, but we don't want it to hinder his recovery. Read on...

Meet Freddie

Freddie was rescued from the backyard of a house where the neglectful owner had died. He smelled like a skunk, was severely neglected, starved for affection and food, and was emaciated. Freddie is a large frame German Shepherd dog who only weighed 50 lbs at the time he was rescued.

The tip of Freddie's left ear had been eaten away by flies, and his right ear is permanently damaged from an untreated hematoma.

You can see that his muzzle, bridge of his nose and around his eyes look black and crusty.

Freddie had huge sores on both hips. They had been left untreated for so long that much of the skin had necrotized. After surgery Freddie's hip sores started to heal nicely.

The vet warned that these wounds might never heal completely though, and he would need antibiotics for life.

Below is a nice note sent to me from Freddie's new mom Christine, who is pulling out all the stops in an effort help Freddie heal more naturally. Christine is convinced that the natural remedies we're using are helping Freddie heal faster, and his general health is improving everyday.

" I will send you pictures of the New and Improved Freddie as soon as possible. I took him to the vet for suture removal yesterday. She said he looked good and told me to keep him on his antibiotics (another 30 days, OMG......) and transition off of the prednisone. I couldn't tell her he looked this good without those antibiotics and steroids. He's doing well. It is so nice to watch him use his nose and see how differently he acts now that he can hear."

Here's a lovely picture of dear Freddie in the red coat, out for a walk with his new sister Hannah, who has a set of wheels due to her Degenerative Myelopathy.

Where to go from here...

You can learn more about Candida Albicans here.

Learn this 4 step Yeast Infection Treatment to use at home.

Next time we'll talk about how you and your dog can prevent parasites.

Only three more weeks until Spring!

Sandra and Pager

Coaching You and Your Dog to Better Health the Natural Way
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