Canine Body Systems
Everything is Connected

Here's a good illustration of canine body systems. You can see where most of the organ  systems are located, and how they are inter related. One system is connected to the next and all other systems. In this particular illustration, the kidneys are missing, but you know they are located up behind the liver, close to the backbone ( spine ).  However, this picture will give you generally, a good idea of where everything is.

canine organ systemHere's what your dog's body looks like on the inside.

Each of these body systems has a unique and important job to do. If there is a glitch somewhere along the line, a dog health problem will be the result. This is why dog nutrition, composed of a diet made up of appropriate foods specific to the canine species, is so important.

The proper and healthy functioning of canine organ systems is dependent on appropriate dog nutrition. Food is the #1 thing that most affects your dog's health. Most people don't really think about it. They just feed their dog everyday, and hope for the best. It's kind of a crap shoot, until something goes wrong.

Canine nutrition, whether it be good or bad, affects all of your dog's body systems. Dog nutrition affects every single cell in your dog's body. Cellular health, plays a critical role in overall dog health. Your dog can have healthy cells, or he can have toxic, oxidized, inflamed cells lacking in energy.

The canine anatomy illustration above, show us how food enters the body, how it is processed, and how it continues on it's journey throughout all of the canine organs systems. So next time you give your dog something to eat, try to picture the food travelling into the digestive system and moving throughout your dog's body, doing good, or doing bad, depending on what you're feeding him.

The quality and nutritional balance of your dog's food, will have a huge impact on your dog's overall health. If you feed your dog poor quality food, or limited food choices, over time his health will deteriorate.

Organ System Health is Connected to Dog Nutrition

Remember the old song...the knee bone's connected to the...leg bone...the leg bone's connected to the...ankle bone...the ankle bone's connected to the...and so on. Oh well, maybe you're too young to remember!  Doesn't matter,  let's start at the beginning. Here is a list of all the main canine body systems.

  • Canine Digestive System
  • Canine Immune System
  • Canine Lymphatic System
  • Canine Circulatory System
  • Canine Respiratory System
  • Canine Urinary System
  • Canine Nervous System
  • Canine Glandular System
  • Canine Structural System

Follow the link to learn more about the individual organ systems.

Summing Up Your Dog's Body Systems

It is critically important to understand that all organ systems are related and work together. Your dog's body is only as strong and healthy as it's weakest link. Try to understand your dog's body as a whole unit.

The body does not function in separate parts and dog diseases do not happen out of the blue. If there is a dog health problem, we must find the weakest organ system link, and strengthen that organ system. Does that make sense to you???

Here are the Top 5 Things that most affect your dog's health.

  1. Food
  2. Drugs
  3. Vaccines
  4. Pesticides
  5. Stress

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