I Love Colloidal Silver for Dogs

There are so many reasons why I depend on colloidal silver for improving dog health and preventing health problems before they start. Along with good dog nutrition based on a naturally appropriate raw food diet, using silver is one of my favorite ' must have  ' remedies for solving dog health problems at home.

benefits of colloidal silver for dogsSilver

Some Interesting Facts About
The Properties of Silver

Silver has a long history of use as an important antimicrobial agent. It was used extensively before the introduction of antibiotics. The ancient Greeks and Romans used silver to disinfect water and food, and as a dressing for wound healing. The healing benefits of silver have been used to prevent and fight...

  • bacterial infections
  • viral infections
  • fungal infections

Here are some of my favorite things for which you can use colloidal silver for dogs.

  1. diarrhea treatment
  2. urinary tract infections
  3. boosting the immune system while fasting
  4. as part of a complete program to overcome a giardia infestation
  5. As part of a candida yeast infection treatment plan

* * * Beware of Less Than the Best * * *

Here's where the going gets tough. All silver products are not created equal. In fact some aren't even colloids, although they are sold as colloids. Silver protein products are metallic silver particles mixed with protein binders. It is this type of silver protein products that cause ' blue man syndrome ' also known as Argyria. Don't use these products!

Some people actually make these products themselves at home. They can only be used for external purposes because the particles are large. Never ingest this type of product or give it to your dog. Here's why.

* * * True colloidal silver products are made from nano particles suspended in water and are not metabolized by the body, creating no metabolic waste products for the body to get rid of. This is very important because silver is a heavy metal. You don't want it to stay in the body. It needs to do it's job, then leave the body moving out via the kidneys and urine. * * *

Potent, Pure, Powerful

Because I want to be sure that the colloidal silver product I give my dogs and recommend for you is safe and effective, I only recommend a silver hydrosol product that is:

  • patented
  • PH balanced

By the way, this is a product for people to use of course, but it is equally effective and safe for your dog. I wouldn't be without it.

So don't bother wasting your money, or worse, putting yourself or your dog at risk. Use colloidal silver that is manufactured using a patented process with strict quality control.

This makes sure that potency and purity are maintained. You can feel secure knowing that the safety, effectiveness and bio-availability of the powerful silver particles are backed up by science.

For more info contact me here.

A Few More Ways You Can Use
Colloidal Silver for Dogs

Also Available in Gel Form
For Topical Use

 You can use silver gel topically to help soothe and heal infections from cuts, wounds, skin irritations, rashes and hots spots. If you have a yeasty dog you can use this gel to ease the itch and irritation of red and oozing sores between the toes and inside edges of the ears. It is very effective against unfriendly micro organisms and fungi such as:

  •   Staphylococcus aureus
  •   Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  •   Escherichia coli ( E Coli )
  •   MRSA
  •   VRE ( Vancomycin Resistant Enterococci )
  •   Candida albicans
  •   Aspergillus niger

I am never without colloidal silver liquid and gel on my shelf at all times. It is far and away my #1 multi purpose home remedy to keep on hand for all humans and animals in our household.

For questions please contact me.

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