My Three Favorite Fresh Foods to Add Nutrition to Your Dog's Diet

Fresh foods added to your dog's diet are a great way to give your dog more nutrition while helping to ease food boredom. Fresh easy foods you already have in your kitchen, boost nutrition and make meal time more enjoyable for your dog, without causing tons of work for you.

Fresh food additions to balance your dog's diet

So, eggs, parsley and sardines are my favorite fresh food add-ons to boost dog nutrition. Anyone can crack an egg into the dog bowl, anyone can chop a bit of fresh parsley and anyone can open a can of sardines. These fresh foods are available at the grocery store, are inexpensive to buy and easy to give to your dog.

Eggs are an easy to digest whole food containing protein with a complete amino acid profile in the right ratios, and are a good source of fat. In fact, eggs are known as ' the perfect food '! Eggs are given the biological value protein measure perfect score of 100! Can't do better than that!

Parsley is a popular garden herb and is a concentrated source of vitamins and minerals, oils and  amino acids. It has a long history of use in herbal lore, as a kidney support herb and is known to have some tumor inhibiting benefits. If you want to substitute another type of fresh herb such as oregano or thyme, or another leafy green such as fresh spinach, dark green leaf lettuce, kale, chard or collards for parsley, be my guest.

Sardines are on my dog's list of favorite stinky foods. Get ready for fish breath! If you want to use mackerel, anchovies or herring instead of sardines, that works too. Just make sure all fish come packed in water or oil, with no extra added salt. Small cold water ocean fish offer a sustainable solution to the over fishing of larger, more popular food fish such as tuna. These little fish are tiny, and do not contain high levels of contaminants found in larger fish.

Balance with Basics, Three Easy Food Additions to Improve Your Dog's Nutrition. Get your free download.

Boost Dog Nutrition With Simple Fresh Foods

The nutrition contained within these 3 healthy fresh foods for dogs is quite amazing. The health boost will pay off in dividends for your dog. Small amounts of perfect eggs, small cold water ocean fish and some fresh healing herbs can have a tremendous impact on your dog's health over time. You can check out the nutrition data for these fresh foods on these links.

One large raw egg

Two Atlantic sardines with bone, canned in oil, drained

Fresh raw parsley 1 tbsp ( 4 grams )

Make your dog happy! Give him these fresh foods starting today. Boost dog nutrition the easy way. Your dog will love you more!

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