Gentle Canine Total Body Cleanse

A total body cleanse for your dog is a gentle, simple way to clean your dog's body of accumulated toxins.

I am often asked..." Should I put my dog on a cleanse?

These days people are becoming aware that many common dog health problems are as a result of the toxic load from foreign substances that your dog has been exposed to over the course of his lifetime.

As pet parents we are partially responsible for how much of a toxic load our pets are exposed to.

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You can easily lower the amount of toxins your pet is exposed to by taking a few precautions.

    Clean up your indoor and outdoor environment.

    Make sure that your dog is not absorbing second hand smoke, toxic chemical cleaning products, outdoor lawn and yard fertilizers and other chemicals.

    Start to think green.

    Begin using household and yard products that are more eco friendly and contain less or no chemicals. This is good for you too!

    Avoid as best you can unnecessary vaccinations, drugs, chemical products for flea, tick and parasite control. These are all things that put a huge toxic load on your dog's main detoxifying organs...the liver and kidneys.

Feed a naturally cleansing diet composed of food that is appropriate to the canine species. A raw food diet will cause a natural cleanse to start. This is the beginning of a total body cleanse for your dog.

Body Cleansing Detoxification

Every organ in the body has an important and specific job to do. The liver and kidneys are assigned the task of eliminating toxins and waste from the body. Here's how you can learn more about your dog's organ systems.

So, it follows that if the ' toxic load ' is great, the job is harder to do. Eventually these organs can stop working efficiently, or worse, stop working at all, because the load is simply too great.

When these organs are unable to keep up the hard work, the body will find another way of trying to get rid of the waste. This is usually through the skin and/or mucous membranes.

So if you notice symptoms like these:

  • flaky, itchy skin
  • running eyes or nose
  • ear infections
  • mucousy stools
  • digestive problems ( vomiting, diarrhea, loose stools )

Then you know that the waste removal demand on the liver and kidneys is in overload.

Steps to a Total Body Cleanse for Your Dog

  1. use eco friendly products both indoors and outdoors.
  2. feed a natural cleansing diet using an appropriate natural dog food.
  3. learn more about how to do a cleansing fast one day a week.
  4. do a herbal cleanse that fits the purpose

So the most important part of doing a total body cleanse is to support your dog's liver and kidneys so they can do their all important work.

    kidney/liver cleanse will be part of all cleansing suggestions

    parasite cleanse

    candida/yeast cleanse

    enviro cleanse

    heavy metal cleanse

    I am here to guide and support you in your body cleansing detoxification efforts. I know you want to help your dog gain better health. There is also much to know about what to expect when cleansing, and how to avoid or cope with a healing crisis.

    Please feel free to contact me.

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