Yolo My Dear, Wait for Me

by Yolo's friend

I just lost my best cat in whole world, this morning.

It's even more bitter because he died because of rat poison that I set out on my own. I hid it far from him, but he ate it. I really feel like I want to die too. I really regret it.

This morning he was supposed to wake me up, but he didn't, because he went to sleep forever and will never wake up again. I found his dead body inside a broken sofa.

Maybe he didn't want me to see him dying, and I regret I am not there with him for the last time. Words can't describe how I feel. Really I don't know how my life is supposed to be from now on. We were always together all the time.

Yolo my dear, you really did well. No one can replace you from my heart. You were always here for me through my worst life, but I'm not with you for the very last time. I will always blame myself that you died because of me.

I am so sorry, my dear. I'm really sorry. We should be together till the end. Now me and your siblings are really missing you. Every day, every night I will cry over you and I don't know how not to cry.

I love you very very much, Yolo. Forever. Goodbye my dear. Let's meet again when the day comes.

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May 13, 2019
Yolo Understands
by: Sandra

Thank you for sharing your tragic story of losing Yolo.

Sometimes the things we do, have tragic results. Yolo's tragic death will haunt you for a long time.

I think it's important to understand that Yolo loved you, and knows that what you did, wasn't done on purpose to hurt him. Animals are forgiving. Yolo will forgive you and will always love you anyway, even though he won't be with you now in this present life realm.

Yolo will surely be waiting for you. Love is love. Love is forever and always!


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