Words From Lyric to Me

by Carrie
(United States)

I lost my Doberman quite a few years back. I've had lots of dogs but something about that boy touched me in such a way I've never been touched before.

He was way too young to die. He had lots of health problems before that. He had liver disease and we saw a specialist and he had lots of procedures and tests.

A consultation with a nutritionist taught me how to make a liver friendly, home made diet for him. He went along quite well with that and felt pretty darn good. And then one day he got very sick suddenly.

It turned out he had stomach cancer. It was so over whelming. He had to be put sleep at once to end his pain, which he didn't even show me. I was devastated! He and I were intensely bonded.

I wrote poems to let out some of my sorrow, and I want to share one because I imagined my Lyric to be saying these things...because our love for our dogs never dies and the memories of them turn our sadness into smiles eventually.

Words From Lyric To Me

I know you’re feeling sad and blue,
So hear these words from me to you.
Mourn not too long, for I am there,
Our lasting memories we’ll both share.

I remember when you’d call,
I’d run so fast, I’d make you fall,
You fell hard upon the grass,
I laughed with glee, when you fell on your (oops).

My memories of you are vast,
I love my present and I loved my past.
I am now, free of pain,
Running in the shine or rain.

Many, many friends I’ve made,
Here at the bridge, I know their names.
Mom, you must know that I am fine,
Happy, healthy, the world is mine.

Mom, don’t forget I miss you too,
And sometimes feel sad and blue,
But when you come to join me here,
The meaning will be very clear.

And before you come, be sure to tell
That I wish everybody well.
Be sure to tell them… they will see,
All the love you have for me.

For when dogs go off to Rainbow Bridge,
Their families follow up the ridge,
Dogs and people go together,
Never parted by foul weather.

Do not mourn so very long,
You taught me that very song,
Don’t forget that I am there,
I’m in all you love so dear.

I am everywhere, you see,
I am your very energy,
I’m even in your room at night,
Close your eyes and douse the light.

I never really ever left,
My body yes, my soul not yet,
Not ever Mom, I’d never leave,
For we are intermingled weave.

I’m still there, though you don’t know,
It’s like the way a river flows,
It twists and turns and takes a dive,
It disappears, plays tricks and hides.

Keep me in your heart and mind,
And I with you, will keep in kind,
We’re interwoven, that’s forever,
I won’t leave you, never ever.

Written by: Carrie (in behalf of Lyric)

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Sep 09, 2018
Thanks Nat
by: Anonymous

Thank you Nat. That was nice. Yep, you're right. It's terribly hard to lose our family. And our pets, though another species are still very much our family. I know we all must go through it. I've gone through it time and time again and will still more because I keep getting more dogs no matter how hard it is. Now that's a puzzle. I guess because there's hardly a better love than that of a dog. And I know we're all in the same boat, we animal lovers. Take care and thanks for your comment.

Sep 06, 2018
Doberman mom too
by: Nat

It is very hard to loose a best friend. There are not words to describe the pain when the light of your home is gone. Thanks for sharing such beautiful poem. May your soul find solace with its memories

Aug 17, 2018
In response to your nice post Sandra...
by: Carrie

Awww...I'm so sorry for the loss of Maggie. My goodness, she lived a long, happy life. I have a dog that is 18 years old and still chugging right along. I know how memories help us get through the pain of missing them. Thanks for sharing.

I have fed a prey model raw diet I do myself for some time now, did lots of research first for at least a year LOL...dogs doing great. I noticed on one recipe...don't know if that was yours or someone else's, but I didn't notice any bone or bone meal. (I may have missed something though, as I am always in a hurry it seems lately) So I was concerned about that. Don't know where I saw that now. I don't have a lot of time to spend online but that was a few days ago. Anyhow, thanks for doing what you're doing. I'll see about the news letter. (I get so many things in my inbox I can't keep up so we'll see. Thanks!)

PS...doesn't anyone have a sort of conversation here or is it not exactly a forum? I don't notice much in the way of back and forth.


Hi Carrie!

No, this is not a forum. It's simply a place for people to express their feelings due to the loss of a beloved pet.

Aug 14, 2018
Poems of Love!
by: Sandra

Carrie, please sign up for my newsletter. I would so love to stay in touch with you, and would love to read some of the other poems you have written.

I too have something I wrote about a beloved dog who has been gone now for many years. She was so special to me. Maggie was 22 years of age when she passed. My heart was truly broken and I will never forget my special girl.

I recently came across an old photo of Maggie with the poem written on the back. I cried again, remembering how wonderful it was to have been so fortunate to know and live with this lovely dog for so many years. I will share it in a newsletter for you especially, along with your beautiful words from Lyric. Hope you will like it!


Aug 13, 2018
My poem from Lyric
by: Carrie

Thank you Sandra. I'm glad you think my poem will be something of a comfort to others and something people can relate to. You are certainly welcome to share. I have a slug of poems I wrote after that dog died. For some reason that was a way to get that pent up hurt out just a little. I guess people all find their way through the grieving process, using various means. I would be glad to share them if you so desire.

Aug 13, 2018
Touched By Your Angel, Lyric!
by: Sandra


I am so very touched by your poem. Such beautiful words bring comfort and joy, knowing our pets are forever with us, no matter what.

"I never really ever left,
My body yes, my soul not yet."

I know these words to be true. All we have to do is close our eyes and feel the love. Our beloved pets are still there...in our hearts, in our memories and in our dreams. We meet again!

Thank you for sharing your words of love and comfort as spoken through Lyric. What a special boy he must have been!

It's not possible for me to contact you directly, but I hope you don't mind if I share this lovely poem with others who might need it and appreciate it. I would love to put it in my newsletter.

The words are so lovely!

Thank you again for sending words from Lyric, to you.

Bless you both,
Sandra XXX

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