Today Paloma Made the Journey

by Wayne Kuran
(Ocoee FL)

She was my best friend for 14 years.

She was always there when I needed support.

She could tell when I was sad or hurting and gave me comfort.

She was with me before my Marriage.

Today she at last, can rest.


Dear Wayne,

Bless you for loving your special Kitty.

She was there for you, and you were there for her. You two were a team. Together you could get through anything.

She's at rest now. You will miss her, but be comforted by remembering the love you shared.

Close your eyes, and think of Paloma.

Feel her lovely soft coat and gentle sounding purr. She will live forever in your memory. Anytime you want to be with her, all you have to do is close your eyes and think of her again.

All is OK with the world when a cat purrs!


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