Solomon and Craig

by Craig McEwen
(Kalamazoo, MI, USA )

Solomon was not only my dog, he was my soul mate and best friend. God gave him to me when he was a puppy. He had a heart of gold.

I had him for ten years. He died of cancer. I didn't deserve his love but he gave it to me anyway. Solomon was always kind and gracious like our heavily father Jesus Christ. He is in heaven and I will see him soon. A part of me died the day Solomon died.

God gave me another special dog, Lee. He is a Australian Shepard with such a loving spirit. They will be perfect brothers in heaven.

God thank you for Jesus Christ my savior!!! Thank you for Solomon and Lee and all my other pets.

God loves you all.

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Nov 14, 2023
Solomon and Craig
by: Sandra

Dear Craig,

Thank you for your loving tribute to Solomon.

Of course you deserved Solomon's love. God loves you, so why wouldn't Solomon love you? You deserve love, as much as anyone and everyone. Solomon knew that.

That is why animals are so important to us. They give their love freely. They don't ask for much, but they give so much back.

You are fortunate to have another dog, Lee, who is also there for you to love, and I know the love is returned to you 100 fold, by Lee.

A part of you died with Solomon, but the best part of you still lives to give more love, and recieve more love, Craig.

Embrace it. It's all around you.


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