by Joan L
(Tiverton, RI)

In March of 2002 a cat was featured on our local TV station sponsored by an animal shelter and her name was Sasha. Two days later we went to the shelter and adopted her.

On August 10, 2012, we had to put her down.

We have had many cats over the years, but none like Sasha, she was devoted to me & my husband. In many ways, just like a dog.

I stayed with Sasha until the end...until her beautiful heart stopped beating. I kiss her picture every day and hope to see her at the Rainbow Bridge!

Joan & Art


Joan & Art,

Thank you so much for this lovely remembrance of Sasha.

Even though my website is about dogs, I love it when someone writes to tell me about one of their kitties! I so love cats.

Since you have read my Rainbow Bridge page, you will notice my beloved ' Cuddlebunny ' at the top of the page. My wonderful old Siamese kitty who left me in December of 2010 at the age of 17.

Your note about Sasha touches my heart.

All pets are special, but there are some who stand out a little more clearly, and we feel closer to them than some of the others. Kind of like our relationships with people.

I knew every breath my Cuddlebunny took. I knew every beat of his heart. I knew every expression on his lovely face...and I'm sure it was the same for you.

I know you miss Sasha...but look around, and I'm sure you can see her sitting in the sun in her favorite spot, or talking to you as you got her dinner ready.

The memories are in your heart forever.

Sasha is waiting for you over the Rainbow Bridge.

Thank you for sharing your love.


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Aug 21, 2012
by: Valeria Berenshteyn

I am sorry for your loss. I have never had cats. I have always been a ' dog ' person.

But 3 years ago we adopted little black Kitty with white little spot in her chest. First 2 years, our friends thought we just joked about adopting a cat, she was always in hiding, not trusting anyone.

Now our dog of 9 years (Liza) is fighting a cancer, and guess who is always not too far away from Liza, our cat. She is always away from spotlight but close by, to see what Liza is doing.

She taught us so much about cats... how wise they are, how gentle and loving.

The advice I give you save me almost a decade ago, it is not for everybody. We lost our dog and the next day a friend of ours said... " the amount of time you grieve, the tears you shed, are not the equivalent of how much you love this house, and so, go adopt another kitten or puppy."

We were so sad, we got in the car and went to get a new puppy. It was the best advice anybody ever gave me. We remembered all the funny, silly things our dog used to do. Maybe a little kitten will help you to remember all the fun, loving things you used to do with Sasha. She gave you her whole life... full of amazing discoveries, mischievous troubles, loving nose rubbings, loud meow for attention.

Do not concentrate on last minutes of her life, when she was sick. Celebrate her life, her love and your loyalty to her.

The new kitten will remind you about all these things. It will honor your Sasha in the best possible way. You also can feel that you are not ready for another kitten, that is your heart talking.

Sasha was saved by you, you took her in when she was alone and scared. Animals never forget your kindness. If you have it in you, give her love to the next baby who needs you. Sasha would love it! What a way to honor her life.

Which ever way, you decide to go she will
be always with you, already touching more lives than just yours.

Sasha, you go over that rainbow, and say hello to our Labrador Arusha, she always loved cats. She will take care of you, and here, we will take care of your mom and dad. They sound like the best parents a kitten can have. God be with all of you.

From our family to ours.

The Berenshteyns.


Hi Valeria,

I so love it when you write on my Rainbow Bridge page. Your heart is so big and full of love for everyone, people and animals both.

Bless you my dear for reaching out.

There are so many kittens/cats and puppies/dogs needing good homes. The new ones will never replace the lost ones, but their new spirit will light up our lives in their own special ways.

Thank you Valeria for all your kindness.

Love and hugs for you,


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