Sasha Greenfelder

by Michael Greenfelder
(Phoenix AZ)

I had the best thing happen when my beloved best friend and guardian angel "SASHA" met me with her beautiful heartfelt eyes.

She was very scared and may have been abused. She had parvo, a homeless person stated to me. I acted fast in being her chance at life, and nursed her back to better health.

She was a skinny pup with a bulky head, but I knew she had potential. As the years went by we taught each other a lot, but she already knew me and what was in my heart. I would play music and she would look at me with a look of joy and comfort.

My father passed away a few years ago and Sasha and I headed to Las Vegas so I could help Dad out with home care and trips to the VA Hospital. She would always like to lay by someone who was hurting, and Dad was dying from liver cancer. Dad couldn't play guitar anymore as the strings were too tough to strum, but he played a harmonica softly in his bedroom. One day Dad yelled at me to come and get Sasha. He wasn't mad. He just thought her singing was a little bit off key as she just howled her heart out. It was a precious moment I will never forget.

She continued with me on my journeys to Georgia, North Carolina and more, as I did Hurricane restoration, like Katrina. She would ride in the big rigs across state lines, and in between stops she would check out all the seasons beautiful colors. She loved the snow.

Being back in Phoenix her health wasn't the best so I tried to make life easier. I always treated her like Royalty and would do anything I could to see her happy. I recently lost my job doing maintenance where Sasha was still allowed to be, but the owners had fought to get me to move out. I am going to a eviction hearing Thursday and Sasha put her head down and sighed like she felt my pain.

I didn't have money for expensive surgeries to remove mammary tumors. I just let her do as she wished and yelled at anyone who tried getting in her way of happiness. She has touched so many lives and changed mine for sure.



Thank you for sharing your love story.

Looking at the pictures of you and Sasha, anyone could see the two of you were meant to be together.

Although Sasha has made her journey over the Rainbow Bridge now, the amazing times you spent together, travelling and visiting will always stay fondly in your memory.

When you think of Sasha, you can recall all the good times. Those memories will never leave you. Sasha lives in your heart now, as surely as she lived with you elsewhere in life.

Bless you Michael for sharing your love with this beautiful dog. Sasha is watching over you!


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May 06, 2015

by: Sandra

Hi again Mike, and also Angel,

Mike it seems you have a lot of support, and great friends who knew Sasha and loved her too.

What a blessing to have spent many years with such a wonderful dog and to have friends who care about you so much. You are truly and doubly blessed Mike!

From your new friend,

May 06, 2015
My heart breaks
by: Angel Staggs

Dearest Mike, I'm sorry to hear about Sasha.

Sasha had made a big impression in my heart. I remember the day I met Sasha it was when we moved in the apartments. I had asked you if she bites and you said no that she would lick me to death haha lol.

Anyways Mike I know this won't help make the pain go away but she is no longer in any pain. She was one of a kind. She was great fur baby! I wish I could take your pain away, Mike and over time it will get better. You're story got me in tears.

Very well done my friend. Wish you the best my friend.

Your Friend, Angel {{{HUGS}}}

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