Rusty ! A Puppy Who Showed Me to Love Animals.

by Coronado Family
(Edinburg, Texas)



Rusty was always full of life. He was joyous, and gave so much love unconditionally. Before Rusty came into my life, I hated pets. All of them. I hated their smell, their fur, and their licks grossed me out.

We actually bought Rusty for our daughter but somehow...I don't know how it happened, or when it happened, he stole my heart and I fell in love with him. He made my days and his presence brought so much happiness to our lives.

It got to the point that I wanted him indoors all the time. I wanted him to be part of everything. Our trips to the beach, to the park, and when we visited family members.

My heart is so broken and I don't think I could ever love another pet again in my life. Sounds dramatic but I am very broken hearted now that Rusty has passed away.

I love him so much ( Rest in peace Rusty )

Reply from Sandra

Life is full of lessons for us, isn't it?

Before you had Rusty you hated all pets. But look what Rusty has taught you!

Living with Rusty has taught you that we are all God's creatures. We live together and share this planet. It belongs to one one.

Love is the reason for living, and love can be shared with all creatures. How wonderful that you came to this realization while living with Rusty!

...and guess what?

It might happen again, when you least expect it, that another pet may steal your heart. I hope so! I know there is another wonderful dog waiting somewhere, sometime, to fill your life with love.

The next one won't be Rusty, but he'll be another miracle for you. Open your heart again, and be prepared.

Love will happen to you all over again!


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