Rebel My Friend

by Tom Hayman
(Tampa, FL.)



My wife had a dog that she had to have put down due to a brain problem. She cried for days.

I came home from work one day and she pointed at an ad in the paper. She said... " Honey I want this."

So we drove from Tampa to Dade City to see these Red Nose Pups. For 45 minutes she stood at the fence and watched the pups at play. Then she pointed at one and said THAT ONE. I bought him for $ 125.00.

We took him home and he made us both very happy from day one. We named him REBEL.

When he was about 1 1/2 years old my wife died of liver cancer. Rebel was there for me then and he continued to be my reason to keep going. Rebel's birthday was the same as mine... August 28th. He would of been 14 this year.

I came home and found him dead on the porch April 2, 2013. My world has a hell of a void in it now. I miss my boy.



It seems that life has dealt you a double whammy. The death of your wife and the death of your dog.

I love the picture of Rebel. What a handsome boy he was. A fabulous looking dog and a wonderful companion to you.

Why not open your heart and get another dog. As the saying goes...better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.

Get out the newspaper, just as your beloved wife did. Turn to the classified ad section. Look down at the ads and stop at the one your finger leads you to.

Now pick up that phone. Dial.

Your new companion is waiting for you. Your void has been filled with another loving dog to share your life.

I wish you all the renewed happiness you deserve.


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