Our Tucker So Suddenly Gone

I am a near 60 yr. old guy who never in his life thought I'd want a cat. My wife convinced me to try and, so we did.

This morning, at 6:42 AM, I suddenly lost my very, very, best buddy. Suddenly, with no warning or signs, after taking what would be his last "zoom" around our living room, he suddenly started gasping and died before myself and my wife. He would've been 13 this August.

He had climbed into bed with me at 5:40 AM, cuddling alongside of me. Petting him alongside of me, he looked fine, so "Tucker". I fell back asleep and then, suddenly my wife was crying to me for help. We both called his name while I petted him and then he was gone.........

So quick .... no notice ...

We are BOTH devastated. I think myself even more. And I never wanted a cat.

God, it hurts.


I am so sorry! Your story is so shocking. The pain and shock must be terrible.

I have heard so many stories about people who never wanted pets, and then unexpectedly...they fell in love. I think this is one of life's miracles.

Even though you never wanted a cat, having Tucker opened your heart and your capacity to love. You learned something very valuable about yourself.

Please don't let this unfortunate experience of losing Tucker so quickly, set you back from loving another pet. Tucker was your teacher and friend. From him you learned much about love and friendship.

When the time is right, and your heart has healed, I hope you will remember how much you loved Tucker and then go ahead and find another perfect furry friend.

The new pet will never replace Tucker.

Each person or animal, is a unique creature in their own right. So the new pet will be it's own unique personality with it's own love to give and friendship to share

Bless you for loving Tucker. He is waiting for you over the Rainbow Bridge and you will meet him again, when the time is right.


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