Our Timmy

by Pat Trefethen
(Hanover NH)

Our Timmy was our 11 year old Newf ( Newfoundland Dog ).

He was diagnosed with SAS ( Subaoritic Stenosis )as a puppy with a grade 3 / 4 murmur. He took a medication every day.

Tim was our 2nd Newf. Brady was our first he died very young at age four, due to an ulcer caused by an NSAID.

Timmy had bilateral ACL tears from falling down stairs. It was not possible to do surgery because of his heart, but he got along very well.

Mid August he started with a cough that sounded like a kid with croup. He was in no distress.

Because of his age we felt we were so lucky to have him as long as we had. We felt it would not be fair to Tim to have extensive treatment. He was very timid when it came to going to the vet.

We let him call the shots basically.

He ate when and what he wanted. Some days he would only eat out of my hand. Then a week ago his cough was less and his appetite improved. I thought sure he was gonna turn around.

Suddenly he didn't even have the strength to cough he was having so much difficulty getting around.

I could also hear some rattling noise with his breathing.

We decided it was time to let our guy cross the Rainbow Bridge.

We took him to the vet. They made his trip quick and peaceful. I held his head. All the while my husband and I were telling Timmy how much we loved him. I was crying until I thought I had no more tears.

It will be 1 week tomorrow and it seems like yesterday.

We love you Timmy. Please rest peacefully with Brady. We have our Wilbur who is 7. He misses his brother. We all do.

Little Timid Boy Trefethen

August 21,2002 - September 10,2013


Thank you Pat for sharing your love of Timmy.

I understand how you feel.

We too have a dog with heart problems. Our Chocolate Labradoodle named Teddy, was born with a Grade 4 heart murmur, and although he is healthy, my concern is constantly present.

However, despite his serious heart problems, Timmy lived a long and good life with you and your husband. You will have your wonderful memories of him forever.

Both Timmy and Brady are gone over the Rainbow Bridge now, but Wilbur is here to keep you company and fill your life with love.

Bless you Pat.

Your tears will dry and perhaps you will be able to give your love to another wonderful Newf! Such wonderful, caring dogs!


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