My Sweet Max

by Sarah
(New Carlisle Ohio USA)

My sweet boy, Max

My sweet boy, Max

Max was 1 year old when we found him, left by his owners, tied to a tree.

He quickly became part of our family, bonding with each member. He was the most patient, kind, fun loving dog. He was always ready for a nap or a stroll, whichever I preferred. Max was always eager to please.

Two weeks ago, in the middle of the night, Max suffered a cluster of seizures. We quickly rushed him to an emergency vet, but his temp has risen to 107. His comfort was all that mattered, so we made the heartbreaking decision to say goodbye.

We all miss him so very much. We laid him to rest under his favorite tree, while " it's so hard to say goodbye " played on the radio.

I am so thankful that we spent 9.5 wonderful years together. How I wish it could have been more.

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