My Happy Dog was Mr Reliable

by JMH
(Valley WA)

My Happy Howler

My Happy Howler

My Happy dog was my best friend.

He cared for me and helped with my diabetes by letting me know when my blood sugar was low.

He was always on guard and loved to 'sing' or howl when he was directed to. We liked to get all our dogs singing at once for fun.

He was only 3 years old but had to be put down because he refused to be kind to cats in our home. He had killed 3 of them, and the 3rd one was the last straw for my room mate. My room mate took him to his doom and I sobbed as I cared for my 12 year old cat he had injured. Kitty never recovered and died 3 days later.

I loved them both, but just wished he would have been able to learn not to injure other family members, even though I tried since he was a pup.

He was so much better than anybody, human or animal, and Happy always listened and made me feel important.

That was in 2011 and I still have not gotten over the whole thing. Maybe I never will. I forgive him the mistakes with the cats and miss him so incredibly much.

I haven't had such a good friend since I was a kid.



Your story is so heartbreaking.

You have lost a wonderful dog, and your kitties, at the same time...and at his hands. That is so unfortunate!

It is instinctual for dogs to look at smaller animals as prey, and obviously your Happy did. It is really too bad that you were never able to break him of this devastating habit.

I can sympathize with you however, as one of our dogs is not ' cat friendly ' either. However, the cats that live in our house are off limits, and he doesn't bother them. Outside is another matter though!

So you are left to mourn the loss of your dog and the loss of the kitties. My heart goes out to you.

It is fabulous though, that Happy was able to warn you of your low blood sugar condition. Dogs are so smart, so talented and able bodied assistants. They are being used and trained for all kinds of service assistance.

Thank you for sharing your story.


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Apr 29, 2013
Thank You Sandra
by: JMH

I appreciate your kind words. I can't even look at a pic of my boy without crying.

I really thought he could learn not to go after the cats and when this last one happened I was beyond devastated.

I still miss him so much and think about him on cold nights as he was my foot warmer, as well as my AM alarm clock. He was so sweet to me and I only wish I could find a human as sweet as my dog was.

It's April 29 and I am watching it snow. Happy loved to go play in the snow and chase the snowflakes which cracked me up!

His daughter is doing better and so far (fingers crossed) has not harmed any kitties. She gets scolded on occasion if she tries to chase one, and I think she is learning not to do that even :) She is very similar to her father color wise, but shorter hair makes her a little easier to brush. She spends more time with the pack than with me. I believe, because no other dogs go after cats, that they keep her in check.


What happened to Happy was so unfortunate.

It is instinctual for dogs to chase cats because they are predators by nature. So they are just doing what comes naturally!!! We can't blame them, even though we can't allow it.

Happy, Happy, Happy...we wish it could have been different. We wish you could have learned to leave the kitties alone...but we love you happy.

You are very much loved and will always be missed.


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