My Cat Angel

I had a beautiful male cat named Spitfire whom I had a wonderful life with. He was with me for 18 years of his 21 years. But when he became sick I had to have him put to sleep & it was the hardest thing I had to do.

He was my best friend, my everything in life & I will always miss him. He was full of life, fun loving, & playful.

Now that I am older I decided to not replace him because it is heartbreaking. The pain is devastating & my tears are all my love for him.

I hope to see him again some day. God Bless my dear cat who is not suffering. Amen.

Judy/Cat Mama.

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Jun 20, 2016

by: Sandra

Thank you for your comment Susan. I'm glad the pain is starting to ease. You will be able to open your heart to another pet again. I'm sure of it.

Bless you,

Jun 19, 2016
So Sorry About Angel
by: Susan

I am so sad that you no longer have your friend with you. I lost my Nikki a year ago. It still hurts but it does get easier. We still talk about her daily. I too said I would never have another furbaby to have to feel this pain again. I am still not ready for another puppy, but I can now say maybe one day.

Jun 15, 2016
Spitfire is waiting for you over the Rainbow Bridge!
by: Sandra

Hi Judy,

Bless your heart for loving Spitfire so much. The gift of love we recieve from our beloved pets is unlike anything else in life. We give then love and they love us unconditionally in return.

I can understand you not wanting to get another cat because the pain is too much to bear, hopefully in time some of the pain will pass, and you'll be able to think about getting another cat.

There are so many animals that need a good loving home. Yes, it hurts when they leave us, but the love we recieve for so many years far outweighs the pain. I believe that.

Bless you Judy, for your kind and loving heart.


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