My Broken, Broken Heart !

by Gina Hofen
(Carmichael CA)

I put my precious Bichon Molly down today.

The ache in my heart is excruciating. I loved that little angel so much. She brought such joy and love into my life. Knowing that I will never hold her, stroke her sweet head or get her sweet kisses again is almost too much to bear.

But at 8 1/2, she had diabetes that had gotten out of control and made her blind. She had a urinary tract infection, gums that were sick, and a heart murmur that had produced a dry hacking cough that was aggravated even when I petted her neck. She had several hot spots and was generally not feeling well.

But that did not keep her from being happy to see me whenever I would come home. She would jump like a puppy to greet me and wait to be picked up so she could lick my face. Oh God, how I grieve for those moments of reunion.

I miss her so so so much.

She went down gently today as they brought her to me shortly after sedating her. I held her in my arms, kissing and stroking her as she took about 10 minutes to finally fall asleep. I wanted to be her last conscious awareness, to not be afraid and to go to heaven with love and peace in her heart.

I am so grateful for her presence in my life
and the comfort and love that she brought to me.

Will my heart ever heal? God, dear God I hope so. I will miss her until the day when we will meet again at heaven's door and she's there wagging her beautiful tail and jumping up and down for joy to see her Mama again. Only then will my heart's tear stop, and a smile once again returns to my face when I think of her.

Reply from Sandra

Oh Gina! Your message made me cry. I can so feel your pain, as I have been there myself.

There is nothing as sweet as the love of a beloved pet. They are so all giving. No matter what was wrong with Molly's health, she was always happy to see you, she was never in a bad mood, and she will love you forever even now that she's gone.

Look around you. When you least expect it, you will see a sign that Molly's spirit is still with you.

Bless you Gina and your little dog Molly!



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