My Bestest Friend Po Po Precious

by Julie Carmignani
(Port Charlotte, Fl USA)

My sweet boy. Died 2/6/14

My sweet boy. Died 2/6/14

We got my beloved friend when he was just a pup. He was a 6 pound Poodle who attached himself to me. I think he thought I was connected some how. In reality...I was. He followed me everywhere and seemed to worry if I did not return to him quickly. He would come looking for me if I took too long.

I knew he had lived a long full life and I could tell he was tired, but held on because he knew he just could not leave me.

He never really played with balls or toys but he would sure grab my socks when I took them off! He played with the other dogs and protected us from any harm.

Even though I knew he was slowing down...he had lost his eye sight and could hardly hear...nothing prepares you, really. He was attached at my hip and I at his.

I will miss my friend. I love you Po Po. Rest in peace my friend. I hope to see you later.



What a sweet looking little guy Julie. You are sure going to miss him.

It doesn't matter how big or small our dogs are, they are all joined to us at the hip, like you say.

You will always remember him, and he will live in your heart forever. You can be with him any time you feel like it, by just remembering him and how sweet he was.

Momma and Po Po! You two were a team. You will meet again, when it's time...Over the Rainbow Bridge.

Bless you both,

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